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The naval engineer allegedly tried to sell the submarine’s secrets through a sandwich.

The Virginia-class nuclear submarine USS Illinois (SSN 786) was spotted returning to Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hackham in September 2021.۔

The Virginia-class nuclear submarine USS Illinois (SSN 786) was spotted returning to Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hackham in September 2021.
Image: Mass Communication Specialist First Class Michael B. Zangaro / United States Navy (AP)

With all regrets Forbidden sandwichesFeeds may have discovered the world’s most dangerous Sami..

ZDNet reported on Monday., Citing a criminal complaint. Released on Sunday. by the Department of JusticeFormer US Navy nuclear engineer Jonathan Tobey and his wife Diana Toby tried to sell limited data on nuclear warplanes to an unknown foreign government for cryptocurrency. To do so, the prosecution alleges that Toebbes injected several dead drops with an SD card containing nuclear data, the first of which was hidden inside a peanut butter sandwich.

Jonathan Tobe, 42, a former Navy nuclear engineering officer and lieutenant who left active duty for service in 2017, worked on the nuclear nuclear propulsion program and leaked large amounts of data on nuclear-powered warships. Accessed. A special FBI agent wrote. In complaint In the U.S. District Court for the North District of West Virginia that it attempted to sell a list of aircraft data laundry, including non-public technical specs:

Toby accessed and accessed information on the Navy’s nuclear propulsion, including information on military-sensitive design elements, operating parameters, and performance characteristics of nuclear-powered warship reactors.

Although Toby was no longer on active duty, he remained a human resource officer at the depot until December 2020, when his security clearance was renewed in March of that year. (of that LinkedIn Page The FBI agent wrote in the complaint that in December 2020, the agency’s legal attach ملا received a package in “COUNTRY1” which the nation’s representatives said they had met in April 2020 with an unknown party who wanted to make contact. The package includes “printouts, digital media files including technical details, operations manuals, and performance reports”, as well as a letter about the sender’s intent to sell secrets and an SD card about replying. I included information.

The letter, which was sent on April 1 (also known as April Fool’s Day), allegedly states the return address in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

I apologize for the poor translation in your language. Please send this letter to your military intelligence agency. I am sure this information will be very important for your nation. This is not deception.

The joke was on the sender, as “COUNTRY1” apparently reported the FBI’s offer of espionage. Agents later contacted accounts on the encrypted e-mail service Proton Mail in late December 2020, as instructed in the original letter. The individual responded, according to the Special Agent who wrote the complaint. Monero is demanding the equivalent of $ 100,000 in cryptocurrency, after which they will upload the data to a “secure cloud storage account, which I have provided to you.” The FBI responded that Leave the SD card on a “neutral drop location”.

According to the complaint, the sender was hesitant, after which the FBI allayed his concerns by arranging for a signal to be erected at the “COUNTRY1” building in Washington DC on Memorial Day weekend in 2021. The FBI later paid him 10,000. Monroe to win their trust. Agents arranged for a dead drop in West Virginia on June 26, after which they observed Jonathan Tobey approaching the site and found a 16-gigabyte SanDisk “SD card … half-wrapped in peanuts wrapped in plastic. But placed between two pieces of bread. Butter sandwich. “His wife, Diana Toby, allegedly did a look-alike job. The complaint states that the FBI paid Tobias another ڈالر 20,000 in Monroe to pass on the decryption key to the” sample “. To be able to

In a message left on the SD card during another drop in July, this time hidden in “a sealed band-aid wrapper with band-aid inside a clean zip lock bag,” Tubbs reportedly On5 million in Maniro. In particular, the complaint states that he claimed to be a cryptocurrency. Divide each of the 50 separate packages into payments equal to ، 100,000, which collectively contains thousands of pages of nuclear data. In a communication to the FBI, the complaint continued, with Toby calling the arrangement necessary to ensure that the Fed was not withdrawing a small amount of money from the Beth Fund alone.

The amount per transaction is, in part, a security measure. As you wrote in your letter, US. Security forces are slow. Their budget is also limited. A بیت 1,000 or بیت 20,000 bet to catch an agent is part of their normal routine. 100,000 USD and more? They can offer it, but they won’t pay that much. New reports confirm that this is a common tactic used by the United States. Security forces expose agents. Please don’t be offended by this, but your generosity is still very similar to that of your opponents. [sic] Maybe play to trap me.

We can exchange more than one package at a time, if your superiors agree with this arrangement. For security reasons, I would not like to make 50 separate drops to complete my business.

Interestingly, the FBI cut off another ڈالر 70,000 payment to Tubbs in August for the decapitation key to the third dead drop in the chewing gum package, bringing the total to $ 100,000.

The data submitted so far includes plans for a 3 3 billion Virginia-class nuclear submarine, which ZDNet notes is expected to be in service until at least 2060. The technology used in this model is recent In the center One (very entertaining) International dispute between the United States and France. The United States and Britain have signed an agreement with Australia to build nuclear submarines, which has angered the French government, which has ruined its ارب 66 billion deal with Australia. The French government threw another. He recalled his ambassadors. From the United States and Australia, although Australian officials insisted they had informed the French. “Deep and intense concern” He was actually planning to buy a diesel-powered French submarine.

Fedes arrested Tobes on October 9.. Both positions have been charged with numerous counts of violating the Atomic Energy Act, including conspiracy and negotiating limited data.

According to Baltimore Sun.Tubbs ‘neighbors described the police mob as more than 15 cars and at least 25 federal agents sweeping the defendants’ home. Locals told the newspaper that FBI agents also interviewed neighbors and “looted” white money from everything.

Tubes is due to appear in court on October 12 in Martinsburg, West Virginia, The Sun reported.

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