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The new Bond movie ‘No Time to Die’ 007 recreates and mourns.

It’s hard to hear the new James Bond detective thriller turning the wheel of marketing during “No Time to Die”, which opens on the weekend as the beginning and end of a long-running franchise.

The film manages to adapt to a younger audience by teasing a new black woman 007, played by the powerful Joanna Lishna Lynch, until she ends the arc of five films starring Daniel Craig. What A creeping pre-credit chase sequel, beginning with a southern Italian tomb and intermittently interrupting a funeral procession, offers a death-tyler theme with moving visuals to the telegraph where the film wants to go.

In a feature of the Bond franchise, which always features controversial plots for global domination, the film also gives birth to Covid 19, targeting terrorists with bio-weapons – on one occasion, played by Ralph Fennis, Bond K’s flagship boss M calls for the quarantine of an unacceptable British secret agent.

The film fits Mr. Craig, 53, with a more sympathetic study of author Ian Fleming’s brave government assassin, breaking the trend of his films.

Since the 2006 reboot of “Casino Royale”, its bond with women has proved weaker than the earlier ones played by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. More than an avatar.

That’s part of the problem with this new endeavor: it’s not much fun.

For Mr. Craig and for portraying Bond women in today’s #MeToo era, “No Time to Die” is a great compliment, even to the character’s daughter. This is where the film introduces new elements in a clear beta test of the future of the franchise that falls short of the 2012 Oscar-winning “Skyfall”, a key point in the actor’s turn in the role.

Despite its bio-weapon plot, clever name and cyclopian hen, Rami Malik’s masked villain Lucifer Safin emerged as a middle throwback. Also, the film struggles to fully associate with Ms. Lynch’s brand new 007, eventually being treated like a secondary bond girl or a sidekick with the background of the well-known female Leah Sidox. I faded, and doubled the role of Madeleine Swan.

The film also cites former President Donald Trump as a potential off-screen superhero.

The reference comes when Bond’s longtime CIA ally Felix Letter, recounted by Jeffrey Wright after the absence of two films, referred to his disgusting colleague Logan Ash as a “political appointment” by the state department. Introduced with boredom.

Ash, played by Billy Magnuson with a vague rustic accent, turned out to be a ruthless double agent. Then someone quietly refers to “who he works for”.

Letters and bonds also discuss their frustrations with their respective governments.

The movie’s idea that the US president could be a shady Bond villain, or responsible for appointing someone without honor who sells his country to foreign terrorists, some moviegoers say. Heads up now with President Biden. Released in October 2021, it seems strange that Bond will arrest Prime Minister Boris Johnson while Litter Biden looks grumpy about the presidency.

But “No Time to Die”, the 25th film in the EON-produced series, was filmed in 2019 and was originally released in U.S. theaters in April 2020, when MGM postponed it due to COVID-19. ۔

In a lengthy March 2020 interview with GQ, Mr. Craig spoke of Mr. Trump and Mr. Johnson’s “grandeur,” and told interviewer Sam Knight that Mr. Trump would somehow appear in the new film.

“We struggled to keep Trump out of the film,” Mr Craig told the magazine. “But, of course, it’s there.” It always exists, whether it’s Trump, or Brexit, or Russian interference in elections.

Mr Craig’s emotions are apparently present in the film, despite Mr Trump’s departure from office.

He now leaves the 007 franchise after five films, leaving the door open for Mrs. Lynch to handle a series of spin-off films. It will depend on whether Amazon, which bought the copyrighted MGM Studios in May for 8. 8.45 billion, decides to go in that direction.

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