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The new tile trackers are completely like air tags.

New Tile Pro (center) with tile slim and sticker.

New Tile Pro (center) with tile slim and sticker.
Image: Tile

When Apple. Air tags. Earlier this year, it was as if Apple Tile had come to eat lunch. So this is not surprising. That tile is reshaping its Bluetooth tracker lineup with some awesome features. Ultra wide band device The tiles are called Ultra.

For starters, every tracker in the tile lineup – Pro, Matte, Slim, and Sticker – now comes with IP67 water resistance. Tile Pro has a completely new design that looks like a key fob. Tile says the goal was to make it easier to find. Otherwise, it’s 400 feet. Bluetooth range, ringer volume, and 1-year replaceable battery are the same. Meanwhile, the tile increased the matte, slim and sticker limit to 250 feet., And gave all three a powerful ring and three years of battery life. There is also a slightly newer design of the sticker, with the button now pinned to the right.

You can now scan QR codes on lost tile trackers.  You can add your contact information, or if not, Finder will see general information about your tile device.۔

You can now scan QR codes on lost tile trackers. You can add your contact information, or if not, Finder will see general information about your tile device.
Image: Victorian song / Gizmodo.

One thing that all trackers now have in common is a new QR code in the back. The new feature is called. lost and found. If you lost the tile tracker, you can now provide your contact information and a short message. If someone finds your device and scans the code, they’ll see your information so they can be notified.. If you do not provide any contact details., The searcher can only see general information about the tile. During this , Tile network (Which is the company’s version. Apple’s Find My Network will continue to search for your tracker and notify you once found. T.The searcher will also be alerted that you will be able to see the location of the device. If you’re familiar with AirTags, it’s like Apple’s Lost Mode, which allows anyone with an NFC device to tap on any found AirTags to see the owner’s contact information. Apple’s Find My Network also works in the background of Ping Find.My active tools to track your lost air tags.

Tile is also introducing an abuse prevention feature called. Scanned and protected. The company says it is designed to help prevent its products from being misused, including by victims of domestic abuse without their consent. This feature will allow anyone with a tile app – even if they don’t have an account – to scan and find out if an unknown tile device is around them. The feature was reported. Built under the guidance of advocacy groups and will be available to Android and iOS users in early 2022. Many Reviewers And Advocacy Groups Alarms about air tags are easily used so that they can be misused without anyone knowing.

Tile Ultra is also introducing a new Ultra Wide Band compatible tracker. The main selling point of this particular tracker is the “precise search experience using augmented reality”. This is the place Tile version of Apple’s Precision Finding feature for air tags.. The big difference is that the Tile version will work with both iOS and Android, and the company says it is working with Google to “ensure the best experience on Android 12” and As well as other ultra wide band capable phones.

It looks as powerful as Apple's Precision Finding feature.

It looks as powerful as Apple’s Precision Finding feature.
Image: Tile

In a briefing, Tile insisted he had been working on these features for a while, and emphasized his platform-agnostic approach. اوویOverall, these new additions help make the entire lineup of tiles more competitive than AirTags, especially since their best features work on both iOS and Android.

Tile Ultra won’t be available until early 2022, but you can buy the rest of the tile lineup starting today at and other major retailers. The Pro and Matte are available in black and white, and are priced at $ 35 and $ 25, respectively. Available in $ 35 slim and $ 30 sticker black.

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