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The NRA promotes Charles Cotton and Wells Lee, two execs who spread Bonkers conspiracies.

Of NRA This past weekend, two top directors were promoted who have a history of making racist comments, spreading conspiracy theories and activating years. Alleged fraud and wrongdoing Concerned leader Van La Pierre – on which, among other things, to spend NRA funds on private jets for himself and his family, to accept African safaris and yacht vacations without notice, and without He has been accused of taking the agreements shown into confidence.

At the same time, La Pierre was given a new term, lawyer. Charles Cotton. And Wallace LeeA retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel has been named president and first vice president of the gun rights group.

The decision by the NRA yesterday to re-elect Van Lapierre and other top leaders, despite the detailed evidence of repeated fraud and self-aggrandizement that we have presented in our case and during the bankruptcy trial Emphasizing that board governance is broken in the NRA, “New York State. Attorney General Letia James said in a statement. For many years after the announcement, Mr. Lapierre and his lieutenant used the NRA and its donors as a breeding ground for personal gain and a wonderful lifestyle, which is why they were removed. Should be given. Our fight for transparency and accountability will continue because no one is above the law.

In a statement to the Daily Beast, NRA lawyer William A. Brewer said, “The NYAG has taken full advantage of the power of its office to attack its political opponents. R. Campaign continues. Given what it looks like, it’s easy to understand why those who support the First Amendment rights of all citizens criticized the NYAG’s attempt to dissolve the 150-year-old organization.

Although La Pierre usually orders the most ink, both of his newcomers are troubling choices.

A cotton native from Houston, Texas, has been chairing the NRA’s audit committee since at least 2017. Yet, according to James, Cotton and the committee “failed to carry out their legal, legal and charter responsibilities,” adding that the board showed a persistent and systematic failure to carry out its oversight work. And stand by the violation of various laws.

Aside from the wholesale failure of the NRA’s audit committee to properly monitor, Cotton has often not been kind to those affected by the mass shootings.

After nine people were shot dead in 2015 at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, Cotton blamed Pastor Clementa Pincney for her own murder.“Eight of his church members who could have been alive if he had allowed them to carry handguns to church are dead,” he said.

After a 2018 shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where 19-year-old suspect Nicholas Cruz shot and killed 17 students and teachers, Cotton muttered that lobbyists for stricter gun laws The groups used the “empathy element”. Children are being killed. ”

“Wake up people and see what’s happening !!!!” Cotton wrote in an online secret carry forum.. “Bloomberg and Hollywood are investing in this effort and the media is helping out. We’ve never had this kind of opposition before, never. It’s a campaign of lies and distortion, but it’s great. Well funded and they are playing on the element of sympathy for the children killed.

And in response to a 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, which killed 26 people, Cotton wrote in a blog post.“The response to the gun from all those who formed the Obama-Bloomberg alliance was very fast, very coordinated, very well-funded, and an immediate response to the Newtown Connecticut tragedy. The Obama-Bloomberg alliance Hook used the shooting as a Hollywood-sounding stage to launch his long-planned attack on the Second Amendment.

In the same post, Cotton spoke out against Michael Bloomberg’s use of his wealth to protect guns, saying the former New York mayor “spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to deprive Americans of their right to self-defense.” George Soros has linked his wealth to supporters of, as well as Hollywood liberals, and it is clear that law-abiding Americans are entitled to all their constitutional rights. The biggest challenge has been since Britain tried to force us to blow up the Union Jack. ”

Lee Pierre, a staunch supporter of Lee Pierre, may find it more disturbing to express public opinion over the years of his leadership.

During the NRA’s hitherto failed bankruptcy proceedings, Lee admitted that he had no idea that Lapierre was responsible for paying the organization an additional 300 300,000 that he had wrongly paid. received. Lee still testified in court last April. He continued to defend La Pierre’s decision..

Lee, Who is of Asian descent. But it is Called as COVID The “China Virus” has used its platform to spread far-right conspiracy theories that attack NRA’s political rivals.

“Chicago Genocide” Lee tweeted last month., Sharing a story about the weekend shootings in the city. “Those who run cities don’t care because they hate you.”

“Jeepers worst rebellion, Lee tweeted in March.January 6, two days after the capital riots. Pelosi should have given better evidence.

The following month, Lee voiced his opposition to commercial air travel on Facebook, which pushed for COVID vaccinations.

“Airlines are part of a left-wing campaign to make us masked, submissive, sincere, He wrote. “Ashton reminds me why they’re forcing you all to have experimental medicine in your arm.

Last month, NRA board member Rozko Marshall, Jr. sued the group. Demand for dismissal of La Pierre.

“After years of mismanagement and political extremism, the NRA has chosen to elevate the leaders who endangered the organization and deceived its members,” Shannon Watts, a gun safety activist, told the Daily Beast. told. “Instead of engaging in meaningful surveillance, the NRA board is once again kneeling before the scapegoat, which makes its loyalists its masters. Instead of cleaning the house amid the ongoing legal chaos, NRA Patrol Keeps trying to put out his fire, which will eventually end.


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