Members of a popular internet forum were quick to defend one homeowner refusing to give his boyfriend a parking space.

In a viral Reddit post posted on r / AmITheA ******, Redditor u / apajipet (otherwise known as the original poster or OP) said it was the sole owner of the house the couple lived in and pointed to their ownership as justification for keeping the garage for myself.

Entitled, “[Am I the a******] for using a single garage for your own car? ” Post he received nearly 7,500 upvots and over 1,500 comments on the last day.

“My boyfriend recently complained to me that I use the garage for one car all year round,” OP began. “We live in a city with severe winters and quite frequent vehicle thefts, so using the garage is certainly a privilege.”

Continuing to explain that they had bought their home outright and were legally responsible for all house-related payments, the OP said their boyfriend pays half of the couple’s monthly utility and grocery bills, but “not a penny for anything else.”

The OP also said they make significantly more money than their boyfriend and described his reaction to complaints about the garage they are paying for.

“I was really shocked when this showed up in the conversation,” wrote the OP.

“I thought it was very fair to use the garage, considering I had bought both it and the car inside it,” continued the OP. “When he basically lives here for almost free and has a car of similar value that costs him nothing.”

“Am I wrong that I don’t want to share this garage at all?” The OP added, seeking advice from 4.8 million forum members.

For many couples, living together is both an exciting and important step towards building a future together.

But as with most partnerships – be they romantic, family, or work – financial issues can cause harmonious relationships to break down quickly, suppressing any prior emotions.

A couple argues over a parking space in the garage. Members of the r / AmITheA ****** forum on Reddit defended one homeowner who refused to hand over a one-car garage to his living boyfriend.
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And while there are several tried and true methods whereby couples share household expenses in the middle or proportionally based on each partner’s income, unresolved financial problems often lead to a separation somewhere down the line.

When making decisions about money, a financial therapist Amanda Clayman He said Newsweek that couples must apply five key principles to ensure that discussions do not lead to destruction.

“It has to be fair … which means both partners have equal authority in the decision-making process,” Clayman said. “It has to be inclusive, which means both people participate. No one can back down or be pushed out.

“It has to be transparent, which means there is access to information … and the last two are flexibility and sustainability,” she added.

While certain agreed arrangements work for certain couples, there is no guarantee that these arrangements will last forever.

In scenarios like the one described by the PO where one partner is dissatisfied with how they are affected by an agreed financing agreement, couples must be able to adapt accordingly – or run the risk of ruining their relationship.

“Flexibility means that as needs change or circumstances change, there is a feature to review prior contracts,” Clayman said. “And be able to perceive it in a relationship so that it does not cause corrosion.

“Resentment has a very detrimental effect on our relationships and relationships with other people,” she continued. “So it’s extremely important that where the offense pours a little, we go back and bring it back …[to] where they can be discussed, processed and hopefully fixed and cured. “

In a series of updates made in the comments section of the viral post, OP expressed a strong desire to make good any damage done to their relationship by stopping his boyfriend from using the garage.

u / apajipet also said Newsweek they feel reconciliation is possible.

“I want to try to solve the problem because I don’t find the problems insurmountable,” said the OP. “I am optimistic about this, although the whole situation is somewhat saddening.”

The redditors who responded to the post, however, did not share the same optimism.

“You pay for everything for the house and share common expenses… what exactly do you do [boyfriend] bring to the table, except when requested? ” Redditor u / Jenniw3g asked in the first comment on a post that received over 11,000 votes in favor. “Seems a bit legitimate.”

Redditor u / penguin_squeak, whose comment received over 2,000 votes in favor, offered a similar answer.

“It is your home. This is your garage, ”they wrote. “The question is why you shouldn’t park your car? [the] garage in the house you own? “

“I don’t even understand what he’s proposing here,” Redditor u / RNH213PDX chimed in, receiving over 3,000 votes in favor. “I suspect that once you start parking in the garage, you will never be able to park there again.”

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