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The owner of the Newport Beach home who shot and killed the intruder is free of criminal charges.

Officials announced Monday that a Newport Beach homeowner had been cleared of any criminal charges for shooting and killing an intruder who broke into his home earlier this year.

The break occurred at about 4:10 a.m. on August 26 in the area of ​​Index Street and Redlands Drive.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office said in a news release that Henry Lehr, 23, had left a residential detox center after allegedly telling staff.

He then broke through some doors in the backyard, then went to the front door and knocked repeatedly, knocked on the door and demanded to enter, officials said.

The wave allegedly broke down the front door and started moving upwards, where the owner of the house and his wife were sleeping in their bedroom.

The DA’s office said a commotion at the front door woke up the homeowner, who pulled out his pistol and found an intruder, later identified as Lehr, on his steps. On.” “The owner of the house shouted at the intruder for his identity and told him not to come up the stairs.”

The intruder then allegedly “charged the stairs.”

Authorities say the homeowner then fired a shot that struck Lehr in the upper chest.

Lehr was later pronounced dead.

According to the DA’s office, the homeowner told police he shot Lehar because he feared for his life.

OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a statement: “A homeowner has every right to protect himself from someone who breaks into his home in the middle of the night and endangers his safety. ” “The loss of life in any situation is tragic and the situation is made even more tragic by the fact that an individual who went to a group’s house to seek help for his drug problems, The fatal collision ended with him sleeping on his bed at home. ”

Spitzer cursed people at the group home who allegedly knew the man was struggling but did not investigate.

“People who fight drug problems need a safe environment where they can work to calm down, and people living in residential areas should not live in fear that they will fight drugs,” Spitzer said. So that the door in front of them is broken. ”

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