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The police officer was fired after paying for a Jaffa cake at a charity stall.

A police officer who took two packets of Jaffa cake from a police tuck shop without paying the full price has been fired.

PC’s Chris Dwyer paid 10 10 for a sponge-based treat at a charity confectionery stall. Halifax The police station reported on January 21 last year. BBC.

But the real price of Jaffa cake at the stall – which was raising money for a charity trip. Uganda was 1 was.

A rude police panel heard a West Yorkshire police officer drop a ton of money and take out two packets of biscuit-sized cakes.

However, a fellow officer found that the cash floated in tons where the amount had been deposited had only increased to 10p.

When questioned about the discrepancy, PC Dwyer provided evidence that was “blasphemous and an attempt to reduce its guilt.”

He first claimed that he had put five pieces of 20p in a ton but then later said that he did not remember the exact amount of money put in a ton.

PC Dwyer, who spent nearly 25 years in the Navy before joining West Yorkshire Police in 2017, said underpayment was a “real mistake.”

But after a four-day indecency hearing, he was immediately fired on Thursday after being found guilty of serious misconduct.

Chairman of the panel Akbar Khan said: “The officer is only responsible for his conduct, which was dishonest and criminal in nature.

“The nature of his dishonesty in dealing with low pay was to help a charity he was fully aware of.”

Mark Long, superintendent of the West Yorkshire Police’s Professional Standards Directorate, said: “The officer’s actions are not in line with the organization’s values ​​and he is dishonest when challenged.

“Admittedly, the items included were very cheap, but honesty and integrity are the basic criteria for being a police officer.

“An independent legally qualified chair has found that violating his professional conduct standards is grossly disrespectful and has been dismissed from the force.”

Additional reporting by SWNS.

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