Each week of the NFL season, The Baltimore Sun will rank all 32 NFL teams. The rankings will consider not only weekly performance, injuries and squad depth, but also how well each team is performing in the Super Bowl competition.

Here are the rankings for Week 11:

Favorite Super Bowl

1. Kansas City Chiefs (7-2, No. 2 last week)

2. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1, No. 1)

With another brilliant performance in a 27-17 win over the Jaguars – 26/35/331 yards, four touchdowns and an interception – quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the favorite of the NFL Most Valuable Player. The Chiefs have the best offensive in the league, and the defense only got tougher with the addition of former Giants draft candidate in the first round, Kadarius Toney, who had 90 yards on and off, and a touchdown on Sunday. According to ESPN, bosses are No. 1 in Expected Added Points (EPA) for rejection, which takes into account factors such as bottom and distance, position on the field, home advantage and time remaining. Defense remains a weakness, although Chris Jones’s att*ck wins on the lane at a pace similar to Rams superstar Aaron Donald, recording 1 1/2 of the team’s five losses against Jacksonville. If the pass rush can deliver this kind of performance week after week, it’s hard to imagine anyone in the AFC defeating Kansas City.

How does an undefeated streak end? Costly mistakes. After reversing the ball twice in the first seven games, the Eagles cut it four times, losing 32-21 to commanders on Monday night, including clumsy sniper Quez Watkins after scoring 50 yards. Philadelphia was able to score a green touchdown at the end of the fourth quarter. End of defense Brandon Graham then hit quarterback Taylor Heinicke in third place after he dropped the sack, receiving a 15-yard penalty that cost the Eagles a chance to regain the ball with plenty of time in the last two minutes. It was a frustrating night for the Philadelphia offensive, with only 47 games played, with Washington twisting third place 12 out of 21 and holding the ball for over 40 minutes. One defeat doesn’t detract from the Eagles’ championship potential, but it does show that there is still a lot of work to do to not only secure the first place in the NFC but also win the division, which now includes four teams with a score of 0.500 or above.

Faulty rivals

3. Vikings of Minnesota (8-1, no 5)

4. Buffalo counts (6-3, No. 3)

5. Baltimore Ravens (6-3, No. 4)

6. Miami Dolphins (7-3, No. 6)

It’s hard to take a lot from the Vikings 33-30 overtime victory over the Bill, given the wild way it ended. With the recovery of a missed snap in the end zone, Minnesota became only the second team since Ravens 2003 to win the game after losing in the last minute of the rules when an opponent had the ball. Vikings still needed an end-zone interception to seal victory after allowing Buffalo to march 69 yards in 39 seconds to a tied goal in the rules and take three points after opening overtime. Minnesota has certainly been lucky to have passed 6-0 in single-goal matches this season, but deserves credit for overcoming a 17 point deficit in the second half against one of the league’s best teams. While the Vikings weren’t as dominant as some of the other top players, they do have one of the NFL’s best players in winger Justin Jefferson – who made 10 catches out of 193 yards to the all-time great hand in a fourth and eighteenth catch with two minutes left – healthy squad and coach first year with Kevin O’Connell, who promoted veteran quarterback Kirk Cousins. In this year’s NFC, this may be enough to get to the title game.

As for Bills, Sunday’s defeat showed cracks in one of the league’s best squads. Playing through an elbow injury on a throwing hand, quarterback Josh Allen looked insecure at times, asking for big punches in the clashes and throwing the end zone intercept at 10:27 before the end, which saw the Vikings return. It’s nearly impossible to tell Allen to be more careful given his playstyle, but both he and Bills must understand that it’s too important to take unnecessary punches. Defense knows all too well the impact of losing star players as the wrecked unit had no response for Jefferson and runaway Dalvin Cook, who averaged 8.5 yards to lead. Luckily for Buffalo, star defender Tre’Davious White may return soon, and Jordan Poyer’s safety may not be far behind. The Bills clearly need their defense in full force to be a serious contender for the Super Bowl.

At the tip of the disagreement

7. San Francisco 49ers (5-4, No. 10)

8. Dallas Cowboys (6-3, No. 7)

9. Giants of New York (7-2, no. 11)

10. The Tennessee Titans (6-3, No. 15)

11. Cincinnati Bengali (5-4, No. 9)

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5, No. 14)

Coach Kyle Shanahan deserves some doubt given his track record as an interlocutor, but it’s a little confusing that runaway star Christian McCaffrey gets less than 2021’s Elijah Mitchell pick. In his first game since turning the MCL in week 1, Mitchell threw 89 yards in 18 leads in a 22-16 win over the Chargers, while McCaffrey only had 38 yards on 14 tries. The San Francisco offensive looks unstoppable on paper, but Shanahan struggled to engage his best playmakers on Sunday night when McCaffrey, Deebo winger Samuel and forward George Kittle scored a total of seven 84 yards holds. By loading the box and allowing only 3.8 yards to carry, the Loaders could deliver a plan to slow down the Nines: make Jimmy Garoppolo win by hand. He met the challenge on Sunday, averaging 8.6 yards per trial, but San Francisco will find it hard to get back into the NFC championship game without the stars.

It seems the Titans and coach Mike Vrabel never pay enough attention to their consistent success which continued on Sunday with a 17:10 win over the Broncos. They certainly benefit from playing in what may be the worst league in the league, but they put themselves firmly in the play-off race despite having 18 injured players and att*cking passes which are 31st in the NFL. It’s all thanks to a defense that cut Denver to 4.3 yards per game and sacked Russell Wilson six times on Sunday. More injuries could push Tennessee to a tipping point, especially following injuries to Elijah Molden and Caleb Farley on Sunday, but the return of quarterback Ryan Tannehill and wide-wing rookie Treylon Burks should provide some stability ahead of a tough close. If the Titans retain control of the South AFC, they could prove difficult to defeat in January.

Wild cards

13. New York City Jets (6-3, No. 12)

14. Seattle Seahawks (6-4, No. 8)

15. Los Angeles Chargers (5-4, No. 13)

16. Commanders from Washington (5-5, No. 19)

17. Patriots of New England (5-4, no. 16)

18. Green Bay Packers (4-6, No. 25)

Maybe the Packers aren’t finished yet? Green Bay ended a five-game loss streak by winning 31-28 over overtime against the Cowboys, wiping out a 14 point deficit in the second half to stun former coach Mike McCarthy on his return to Lambeau Field. Thanks to the appearance of rookie Christian Watson, who scored three touchdowns on Sunday after injuries and falls to kick off his career, the offensive could finally be headed in the right direction. Safety Rudy Ford was the star of the defensive breakthrough, capturing quarterback Dak Prescott twice in the first half to cement one of the unit’s weakest points. ESPN’s Soccer Power Index gives Packers just an 18.1% chance of reaching the playoffs, but Aaron Rodgers’ double MVP may still have something in the tank to provide a season-saving run.

Not done yet

19. Arizona Cardinals (4-6, No. 23)

20. Indianapolis Colts (4-5-1, No. 31)

21. Cleveland Browns (3-6, No. 17)

22. The falcons of Atlanta (4-6, no. 21)

23. Los Angeles Rams (3-6, No. 18)

24. Denver Broncos (3-6, No. 20)

25. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-6, No. 29)

Colts coach Jeff Saturday started his provisional tenure with a 25:20 win over the Raiders, but the real story is the return of quarterback Matt Ryan after a strange tie-breaker from substitute Sam Ehlinger. Ryan showed off the veteran in att*ck, making 21 of 28 passes for 222 yards and a touchdown, and even fighting 40 yards to score the decisive late-game first strike. This is the player the Colts were counting on when they swapped a third-round tip for former Falcons star this off-season. Ryan’s comeback coincided with a landmark performance for Jonathan Taylor’s step back, who pounced on 147 yards after being played under 100 in five consecutive matches. Indianapolis may have dug a hole too deep to get out of, but there is at least some optimism that this season is not completely hopeless.

The same could not be said of the defender Rams, who lost to the Cardinals 27-17 in a match of the reserve playmakers. Things were already looking grim as the week with Matthew Stafford on the concussion report approached, and then the star-studded Cooper Kupp receiver suffered a nasty ankle injury that could have held him back for quite some time. This could be the final blow to any hope of a Super Bowl replay, let alone returning to the playoffs. Aries can rest comfortably knowing their bold moves have won the title, but the championship window can close quickly, especially if Stafford can’t get back to being one of the league’s top playmakers. Given their bloated salary cap and lack of choice, this could be the start of a slow Los Angeles slowdown. That’s the price you pay to go all the way.


26. Jaguars Jacksonville (3-7, No. 24)

27. Detroit Lions (3-6, No. 28)

28. Bears from Chicago (3-7, No. 22)

29. Saints of New Orleans (3-7, no 26)

30. Carolina Panthers (3-7, No. 30)

31. Las Vegas Invaders (2-7, No. 27)

32. Houston Texans (1-7-1, No. 32)

Playmaker Justin Fields looked depressed after losing 31-30 Bears to Lions and it’s easy to see why. With 147 yards on the run and two touchdowns on Sunday, the former Ohio state star continued one of the best double-threat quarterback episodes in recent memories, yet Chicago still can’t break through the hump in close matches. Fields’ 555 yards of Week 6 to 10 is the most per quarterback in five Super Bowl games, breaking Lamar Jackson’s record of 473 from Week 6 to Week 11 in 2019. He also joined Jackson and Michael Vick as the only quarterback since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 with five consecutive matches of 60 yards or more. Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy deserves credit that he has finally unleashed Fields’ potential as 132 of his Sunday yards ran on designated routes, the most by quarterback in the last 15 seasons. After a difficult start to season two, Fields’ star star should give hope to a franchise that desperately needs it. With over $ 124 million in cap space and eight drafts coming this low season, Chicago may not be far from building a legitimate challenger.


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