By Tina Burnside and Susannah Cullinane | CNN

Human remains found in a remote location in California are remains mother reported missing Authorities said Thursday after “significant amounts of blood” were observed in her home.

In a press release, the Simi Valley Police Department announced that the remains of Rachel Castillo, 25, had been discovered in Antelope Valley, Los Angeles, and that her ex-husband had been arrested.

According to Simi Valley police, Castillo was reported missing on November 10 by her sister, who returned to their home and “found evidence that there was a fight inside.” Castillo was missing, but her personal effects – including her cell phone and car keys – were still in the apartment, police said.

“Based on the evidence at the scene, officers suspected a seriously injured crime,” the release said. “Since then, detectives have been constantly working to locate Rachel and work on clues in the case.”

Castillo’s ex-husband, Zarbab Ali of Hawthorne, California, is the prime suspect in the case, police said. After Antelope Valley’s remains were identified as Castillo, Ali was arrested Sunday afternoon at his parents’ Victorville home in connection with her m*rder.

It is unclear if Ali currently has a registered attorney.

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