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The Republican Senate candidate was expelled from the Ohio School Board meeting.

U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mendel was expelled from a Cincinnati school board meeting for obstructing a “mother and father” campaign against board members, ostensibly “children” as pawns in a political game. Using. ”

A. video The Gauche display shows school board candidate Darby Body giving Mendel a brief window to talk to parents and board members. WCPO.

In the video, Mandal opens up criticizing the district for its apparent failure to update the Ohio Checkbook, which is the digital financial record of every Ohio government agency created as Mandal’s state treasurer.

Board President Kelly Casper quickly stopped speaking to Mandal, but the Ohio Republican refused to turn away from the microphone. “I’m just trying to stand up for the kids,” says Mandal.

In another video of the case, Mandal targeted the district’s Mask Mandate, telling the school board that it was “using children as pawns in political games.” He also spoke out against a clear attempt to teach the district’s children about gender identity. Cincinnati Inquiry“It’s not the job of any school official or politician to tell parents how to raise their children,” he said in a later interview.

After a dispute between board members over whether district laws allowed Mandal to speak first, two deputies later contacted Mandal and took him out of the room.

The Lakota School Board’s rules reportedly give its presiding officer the ability to “remove a disorderly person when that person’s conduct interferes with the smooth running of the meeting.” However, this provision did not prevent Mendel from censoring himself.

“The school board was in complete violation of their own laws and the First Amendment to the US Constitution,” Mandal told the Inquiry. “They should be ashamed of themselves.”

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“Josh Mendel wanted to speak at our school board meeting in support of the community and their children,” echoed Body, who had invited him on stage. “Unfortunately, he was silenced by the small behavior of the board president and was unable to speak freely.”

Douglas Horton, a parent at Lakota Local Schools, suggested that Mandal was booted because he did not know anything about Lakota.

“In Lakota, we care about our schools, we advocate for ourselves, and we have nothing to do with political jokes,” Horton said in a statement Monday.

Mendel is currently running to replace Sen. Rob Portman, R. Ohio, who announced in January that he would not seek re-election. Mandal had earlier tried unsuccessfully to oust Democratic incumbent Sherwood Brown in the 2012 US Senate election.

During its recent campaign, Mandal has made significant progress in spreading misinformation and igniting the flames of cultural warfare.

Back in June, Mendel made headlines. Posting An extensive pan video in which he lit a fire mask and tweeted, “Freedom”. And a Senate candidate in March. Tweeted A poll, later removed by Twitter, asked its followers which group would commit more crimes between “Muslim terrorists” and “Mexican gang bangers.”

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