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The resurrected ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ returns to the SF Bay area.

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s plan to turn the last weeks of Jesus Christ’s life into a stage musical got off to a challenging start.

Unable to get enough money to run it, the duo released a double album based on the concept, “Jesus Christ Superstar”. I’m happy with the title track and classic songs like “I Don’t Know How To Love It” (a song reworked by Weber and Rice previously wrote for the musical). Selling more copies and opening the doors of the 1971 stage shows that it certainly became an international hit and a successful film.

So when it came time to launch the 50th anniversary production, the producers went back to “Brown Album” (because of its famous brown cover) for inspiration. The result is a slightly lower, less theatrical version of the show that emphasizes classical songs and feels somewhat like a cross between a stage musical and a concert.

“It’s nothing like any other production,” the director said. Timothy Shedder told the Bay Area News Group in 2019. “It’s not a big stage that people can expect. So, definitely come with an open mind and see something different.

The show, which premiered in London in 2016, was short-lived in the Bay Area two years ago at the Center for the Performing Arts in San Jose. Now it’s back in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Theater as part of the Broadway SF Fall season.

Details: Taylor & Market Streets, San Francisco نومبر 56- $ 256 (subject to change) 888-746-1799, as of November 7

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