‘The rooster needs work.’ How does the Chicago Bears coaching job stack up with other NFL openings? A look at how attractive each team is.

Starting with an exhaustive list of candidates for general manager and head coach, the Chicago Bears are off in their parallel searches, making sure to encounter some unique perspectives as they seek the right hire.

Two other teams – the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Giants – are also doing double quests. Six teams have coaching vacancies, and if the Las Vegas Raiders position opens up with special teams coordinator Rich Biscia, who is currently interim coach, that would be seven.

Chairman George McCaskey said the Bears wanted to hire a GM first, but would not rule out hiring in reverse order if they found the right coach and felt the fit.

The Bears have only had two winning seasons in McCaskey’s 11-year run over the franchise and opted for one house cleaning They were placed third in the NFC North after a 6–11 season. He fired Ryan Pace after seven years as GM, and coach Matt Nagy was sacked after a four-year run and 34–33 record, including the postseason.

How lucrative is the Bears coaching job? Quarterback Justin Fields is considered a young player. Ownership has supported its football operations, having recently poured a ton of money into the renovation of Halas Hall. The Bears are known to be a charming houseplant and have some young talent on the roster.

The Tribune selected 19 league officials, coaches, and experienced agents with knowledge of rosters and how teams work, asking them to rank seven openings it believes are Raiders job openings.

“The one thing everyone seems to focus on is who the quarterback is,” said a GM who ranks the Bears No. “It’s the wrong approach, and that’s something I did. You never know what’s going to happen, so focus on ownership and (will they) give you a chance to win.

“Wherever you go, breaks for any reason. If you have a quarterback, great, but focus on the boss who gets it.”

Not everyone was as high on Bear, who finished sixth in the poll, although answers referencing ownership and the city were positive. Some had a heavy leaning on the quarterback of the roster. Others considered overall roster strength, GM place (if any), recent history, division, and other factors.

The poll assigned one point for the top-ranked team on each ballot, two points for the other team, etc.

1. Las Vegas Raiders (50 points)

The Raiders are the only team in the group in the playoffs, and owner Mark Davis may retain Bisakia, but some believe he must win his wild-card-round game against the Cincinnati Bengals to be safe. Many cited quarterback Derek Carr as a major plus for the job. Some had questions about GM Mike Mayok.

“They need playmates on defense and they really need help in the secondary, especially at the cornerbacks,” said one executive. “They need some momentum on the offense, but Derek Carr is a good quarterback. It’s not a bad roster, even though I don’t think he drafted really well under Mike Mayock. If found, it looks better.

Added a veteran scout who put the Raiders at the top of his pick: “established winning quarterback. Driven ownership, new stadium, fans.”

“It’s a playoff roster with carries and pass rushers. It’s a plus when you’re going in,” said a pro personnel director.

“No way,” wrote one GM, who ranked the Raiders in seventh place.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars (55 points)

The Jaguars had the same number of first place votes (five) as the Raiders, but they also got a slightly lower ranking. Those who preferred the opening cited quarterback Trevor Lawrence, a wide open salary cap and additional draft-pick capital. Some had raised concerns about the presence of GM Trent Balke.

“I would not miss this opportunity with the quarterback,” said one executive. “There’s less pressure from the fan and media base, but you have to have your own GM or personnel director out there, which I think the boss will do. Overall, (Shaad Khan) has been patient with the outcome and the process.”

One scout said: “Defense lacks a lot of talent. He needs a lot of help on that side of the ball and it’s not going to happen next year.”

“I think the owner will spend there to help you,” said one GM.

“I’ve given him second place, but that’s only if he gets a new general manager,” said a national scout.

“They’re jugs,” said a seasoned pro scout, who placed him in seventh place.

3. Denver Broncos (60)

The Broncos have arguably the best roster of the bunch when not considering quarterbacks, which is why they got four five-place votes. Those referring to GM George Patton spoke positively of him. The team is expected to be up for sale, which makes for an unknown.

“They don’t have a quarterback, but they have everything else – young and talented secondary, they are right on the offensive line and they are full of talent at wide receiver and Jevont Williams is going to feature back in the NFL.” One scout said. “That team is ready to win, but they don’t have a quarterback and they have to make a big move. If he had a QB this year, Vic Fangio is still the coach and he is – at worst – seeded third or fourth in the AFC.

“Who’s the quarterback?” Said an experienced scout. “Who’s the boss. Great GM, great fan base, overall good young players.”

“Who’s the next boss?” One GM said.

“What if they found Aaron Rodgers?” A pro personnel director said.

4. Minnesota Vikings (66)

The Vikings were in the middle of the pack on most answers and received six votes for No. Like the Raiders, he has a seasoned quarterback in Kirk Cousins, but he is not as well-liked as Carr.

One scout said, “He has an elite receiver at Justin Jefferson, and while Kirk Cousins ​​has a lower ceiling, he’s got a higher floor than a lot of quarterbacks out there.” “If I have to, I can work with it for a while. I also like Dalvin Cook and have some young talent on the offensive line. He needs some young talent in the defence.”

Added another veteran scout: “It’s a far better position than the Jaguar. However, Cousin and his hat hit and the continuation situation will be hard to resolve. ,

“Cousins ​​are watching, which is negative, but there is some talent in the roster,” said a professional personnel director. “It’s probably the biggest rebuild, but the stadium and facility are top-notch and the owners aren’t afraid to pay for the players.”

“Wilfs are patient bosses who provide you with everything you need to win,” said one GM.

5. Miami Dolphins (90)

The Dolphins surprised some by firing coach Brian Flores three years later. He has emerged as the bear candidate. The Dolphins became the first team in NFL history to lose seven games in a row and have seven straight wins in a single season, so they have a few pieces.

“There are some really good players on defense at all three levels,” said one scout. “The offensive line needs to be upgraded, and they need some more skill position talent. They haven’t run back in a long time.”

One scout who ranked the Dolphins in sixth place said, “I have a reason for the quarterback not getting him high.” “You have to build everything around Tua Tagovailoa. He can play down, but it’s hard to have a vertical element with him.”

“The boss is impulsive,” said a National Scout.

A pro scout added: “I have them third by default. The GM is a huge piece there.”

6. Bear (92)

The Bears received six fourth-place votes and six sixth-place votes for falling just below the Dolphins. The Bears received only two votes above fourth – a first and a second. Fields was viewed as either a positive or a wild card, and the lack of offensive pieces around the quarterback and offensive line resulted in the Bears being knocked out.

“I like Justin Fields,” said one scout. “If he is trained properly, he has an upside, and few pieces on the defense. He needs to address the offensive line and he has a serious lack of offensive weapons. Moves have to be made so Fields is in a better position to win.”

“It’s a developmental quarterback in Chicago,” said one national scout. “The city and the fans make it appealing.”

“I’ve always seen the Bears as a team that’s very patient with the coach,” said a fourth-ranked coach. “They could have fired the coach last year and not. I like some young players, and if you can make it work with Fields, you can win there very quickly. ,

A pro personnel director added: “Top-10 defense with few pieces. Fields are going to be either a plus or a minus. You can ride that, and it’s not your fault if it doesn’t work out. It’s you Buys some time if nothing else. However the rooster needs work.’

“From the outside, it looks like ownership has provided everything a football operation could ask for, and it’s always been a piece of the equation,” said a college scouting director. “It’s not like that everywhere.”

7. New York Giants (119)

The Giants received one-fourth of the vote and three-fifths and every other answer was short, with quarterback Daniel Jones, an unknown in the overall roster, GM position, and serious reservations about the head coaches’ revolving doors. Ten respondents placed the Giants last.

“The quarterback is a low-level starter at his best,” said one scout. “They’ve done a lot of expensive and bad signings in free agency. The crime is really bad, and they need help to defend.”

“I’ll have questions about ownership,” said a national scout. “He’s had three different coaches over the past six years.”

One GM added: “QB conflicts, roster conflicts, ownership conflicts. Like Chicago, it’s a great place, but media is tough, and you can work too much and focus on getting better in a place like Jacksonville.” Huh.

“Yeah, it’s a complete rebuild, but the Giants are blue blooded in the NFL,” said a pro personnel director.

An assistant GM said: “Lack of talent.”