The dog did little to hide his disgruntled reaction to a young child’s attempt to fetch in a clip that proved popular on social media.

Train driver and mother of one, Laura Silva, regularly provides TikTok with clips of her rottweiler pet Lola and 13-month-old son Olly in TikTok, under the hand of ourgirllol.

However, this is the newest movie a charming couple that is proving particularly popular, with over 340,000 views. It shows Olly’s first attempt at a fetch game with his four-legged friend, but doesn’t quite go as planned.

Dogs have a built-in propensity to chase and fetch, so it’s hardly surprising that so many dogs are attracted to activities such as fetching.

Toddler Olly and Lola’s dog – the first pair fetch game didn’t go exactly as planned.

Like Debbie Jacobs, author of the book A guide to life and training a fearful dog explains games like Aport “make the dog feel good.” Said the Huffington Post, “They don’t have to be rewarded for their behavior. If you like to play soccer, you play soccer even if you don’t get paid for it. It’s just okay to do it. true for dogs ”.

So it’s understandable that Lola would love to play the Fetch game with Olly. “She has always loved chasing balls, scratching her head, eating and spending time with her family,” said Silva. Newsweek. “He loves to do tricks and use his brain – mostly for reward, but he seems to really love to make people happy.”

Lola was only 8 weeks old when she joined the Silva family in late 2020. Part of a litter of seven puppies, Silva and her partner were immediately drawn to the feisty dog. “She never stopped chewing on our laces and pants, and even when food was brought in, she never left us,” she recalls.

Lola was with the children from an early age, something Silva said helped her develop an exceptional level of “patience” for her son. Not that she was so interested when he first arrived.

“She didn’t care at all about my son when we first brought him home, the screaming poop machine that was taking up a lot of mom and dad’s time,” she said. “BUT, even from day one, she was so calm and gentle that she was immediately ripe for the role of big sister.”

This somehow explains Lola’s reaction to Olly’s unsuccessful throw in the viral clip. As the dog clearly hopes that the young boy will shoot the ball into the air, he has to settle for an understandable weak attempt instead.

As the script says on the screen, Lola “stares in disappointment” at the effort, then picks up the ball and hands it to Silva, apparently eager for someone else to try.

The hilarious nature of the dog’s reaction did not escape the attention of observers on social media. Taryn Ryan said, “Poor Lola was like she forgot Olly, she wants mom to play,” while Hell Belle gave some encouragement, writing, “Alright girl, he’ll be able to throw better soon.”

Meanwhile, Calaheim Koraka imagined Lola telling Silva, “Mom, this one is defective, please buy a new one.”

Silva is not entirely surprised that Lola’s reaction was hilarious in the movie.

“I think Lola was a human in a past life – she is VERY expressive,” she said. “You can read her eyes and face like a book, and sometimes she gets quite loud in cheeky moments – like she’s scolding us!”

While this particular Fetch game didn’t go as planned, it was only the beginning of their blossoming friendship.

“Their relationship is really real – we never put it on her when she was a child, nor did we force Lola to interact with him or anything like that,” said Silva. “Every interaction was at Lola’s pace and was safely supervised.”

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