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The royal aide says “no wonder” the Met police have dismissed allegations of abuse against Andrew.

Metropolitan Police decision Leave a review Sources close to the monarchy claim that Virginia Geffery’s allegations of sexual harassment against the Duke of York are “not surprising”.

Police reportedly spoke to the 17-year-old suspect at the time. Virginia Geffery. But he decided not to take further action on his claims.

He has investigated Ms. Jeffrey’s allegations at least twice since 2015, but has never said it was a matter for US officials.

A source told PA Media: “It is not surprising that the Met Police have confirmed that, after a third review of sexual assault allegations against Duke, they are not taking any further action. ”

“Despite media pressure and claims of new evidence, Matt has concluded that these claims are not sufficient for further investigation. Duke has always maintained his innocence and will continue to do so.

A US judge has agreed to obtain a copy of a 2009 settlement from the Duke of York’s lawyers, which he believes will overturn a civil rape case against the monarchy.

Andrew B. Breitler, who represented Andrew, argued in a previous hearing that Ms. Geoffrey – who is prosecuting the Queen’s son for alleged sexual abuse – had reached a “settlement agreement” that would end her current case. Will go

Ms. Geffery’s lawyer, David Boyce, was allowed by Judge Loretta Presca to provide Andrew’s legal team with a pre-sealed document, but the lawyer believes this is not “related to the case against Prince Andrew.”

During the first pre-trial hearing of the case last month, Andrew’s lawyer said: “A settlement has been reached in which the plaintiff has taken a precautionary action that frees Duke and others from any other possible liability. ”

Mr. Breitler was referring to the 2009 settlement between Ms. Jeffrey and Jeffrey Epstein, a sex offender in a Florida state case, in which the Duke was not a party.

Ms. Jeffrey is accusing the Queen’s son of allegedly raping her when she was a teenager. She is seeking indefinite damages, but there is speculation that the amount could be in the millions of dollars.

He claims that Epstein, a former friend of the Duke, trafficked her when she was 17 and a minor under US law.

The Duke of York has denied all charges against him.

In a court document filed Wednesday, Judge Presca agreed to Mr. Boyce’s request to provide the document to Andrew’s legal team.

Filing in a previous court hearing, Mr Boyce told Judge Presca about the document: “Although we believe the release is not related to the case against Prince Andrew, the service has now been accepted and the case is merit. Going forward, we believe that Prince Andrew’s lawyer has the right to reconsider his release and to base his arguments on what he deems appropriate.

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