Scrabble changes the sitch to its states.

The board game is adding around 500 words to its vocabulary, including sitch (short for situation) and stan (hardcore celebrity fan), in its first update since 2018.

The latest edition of The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, which was created in collaboration with Merriam-Webster, contains approximately 100,000 words that range from two to eight letters.

Other new additions include dumpster, guac, hygge (the Danish word for “pleasure”), and adulthood – young people being responsible or doing mundane tasks.

“We’ve also converted verb to verb so you can play around with verbs and verbs,” said Peter Sokolowski, editor-in-chief of Merriam-Webster.

Embiggen, meaning increase in size, first heard in “The Simpsons” in 1996, is another new addition. Page view, zoomer (a Gen Z person), welp (wrong spelling good used when disappointed), dox (posting someone’s private information online), subtweet (tweeting something about someone else without “att*cking” them, which also got in) , bae (your significant other), unfollow, unsubscribe and unmute are just some of the Internet jargon.

Zonkey, the result of the mating of a male zebra and a female donkey, and zedonk, a female zebra donkey, are other new words.

Hangry (anxious or angry about hunger), matcha (powdered green tea) and horchata (Mexican sweet rice drink) also made the top spot.

The updates come as Scrabble has removed more than 200 offensive words and slurs from its lexicon over the past two years.

“All these words have already been checked, defined and added to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, and now we’ve determined that they can be played in Scrabble,” said Sokolowski. “You have some fun new words.”

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