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The secret of Lovin ‘Oven’s success.

Wedding cake

Readers vote for The Levin Owen’s Best Dessert and Best Bakery for the 10th consecutive year.

Like Hank Williams Jr., Suzanne Maxwell knows a thing or two about family traditions. It shows all the love she puts into her creations.

However, his business is not called The Levin Owen. And people will definitely like it because it has once again been honored at the Fox Daily News Readers’ Choice Awards. For the 10th year in a row, readers voted for The Levin Owen, a historic 181st event. City square In Lancaster, as the best dessert and the best bakery.

Although Maxwell has not owned for 46 years, The Louvin Owen is in the business, part of a bakery that has long provided magical goods. In continuing this success that made her popular for miles, she uses a simple ingredient – well, two – love and happiness.

Keep things in the family.

“We specialize in making people happy with quality products,” Maxwell said simply.

And, after all, shouldn’t it be about a bakery? For example, who can be sad after eating tasty pastries?

Maxwell grew up around the wonderful aroma of baking. Ever since she was little, she believed that living in the kitchen helped her mother. To mouth water Creations

He humbly said, “My mother taught me to cook and cook so that I could come back to her naturally.”
And now she’s still keeping things in the family.

“My husband Ed is my biggest helper. He helps deliver my wedding cake, and picks up things for us.

Louvin Owen prepares items for all occasions, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or just a nice treat to brighten up a day. They complement weddings, including memorable and delicious cakes for brides and grooms.

Four tier wedding cake with flowers.

Cookies, cakes, lemon bars and more.

And don’t forget these pastries. If you like gourmet cookies, you can find them in The Louvin Oven. Pie? Similarly. Brownies, lemon bars, cream cheese bars, multi-layer hello dolly bars, white chocolate lemon bars, they’re all there.

“We make old-fashioned New York cheesecakes. They’re made every day from scratch,” Maxwell said. “We have many favorites. We sell cakes with slices, white butter cream, Italian cream, lemon lavender, chocolate, strawberries, lemons.

Louvin Owen also specializes in seasonings such as cookies.

“Autumn always brings us a lot of new things in the bakery for adults and children. With the holidays coming up, we love the special things we do, butter cookies and pies, and black jungle cakes and white jungles. Cake

Judy Hutchins originally opened Louvin Owen Bakery. He then sold it a few years later to Oran and Wanda Kofi, for whom Maxwell went to work. Seven years later he bought it.

“When I bought the bakery, I slowly added a lot of things to our menu, including all-day sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches made from croissants or 21-grain wheat bread and lots of seasonal items.”

“My favorite part is the wedding and the special cake.”

Like all great chefs, Maxwell has no secret recipes, but he says it’s no secret that The Louvin Owen is so famous.

“it is Comfortable food. “People need to eat comfortably, especially during this epidemic,” he said. “That’s how we are made.”

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