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The signing of the Giants’ McGee led to the Dodgers trade for Alex Vesia of the Eastern Bay.

SAN FRANCISCO – When the Giants tried to sign free agent Jack McGee, he left the Los Angeles Dodgers in search of the left in his belly.

The arm turned out to be Alex Vesia, who remained in local anonymity for four years at Kyle State East Bay in Hayward.

Vesia, 24, arrived in Miami-Marlin on February 12 via trade, three days after McGee agreed to a two-year, 7 million deal with the Giants.

The Dodgers traded veteran reliever Dylan Floro to Miami in exchange for Vesia, who was 0-1 and dropped nine hits and three home runs in 4 1/3 innings in 2020. The Dodgers were right-handed Kelly Hart.

“It was a shock,” Vesia told reporters at the time. “I had no idea it was a thought in Marilyn’s organization. It took two or three days to sort everything out.”

Like McGee, Vesia is left-handed and relies on mid-90s fastball. He led 3-1 in the regular season with an average of 2.40 and 51 strikeouts in 40 innings. He has pitched twice against the Giants in the National League Division Series, leaving Brandon Crawford with a home run of the eighth inning in Game 1, 2/3 of an innings at Oracle Park and 2/3 of an innings in the game. Did not give 4.

He has been signed by an expert to dismiss left-arm batsmen. The left-hander scored .123 against Vesia, and the right-hander only .129 – although five of his six surrenders came against the right-hander.

Manager Dave Roberts told the Orange County Register in September, “If you look at the roster, Alex Vesia has emerged as the guy I trust who removes lefties, gets right.” “He’s standing in big places.”

Vesia was the ninth-round draft pick by Miami in 2018 after a 24-17 record and averaged 3.01 in East Bay.

Alex Vesia, who was rescued from the Dodgers, reacts to Mauricio Dobbins’ strike against the giants in Los Angeles on September 4. Carl Mundon / Bay Area News Group.

East Bay coach Mike Cummins said: “When he was here, his work ethic was off the charts. ۔ ” “Pitching for the Dodgers in the playoffs three years later? That may seem a bit far-fetched, but once he got into modest league baseball with Marilyn, it was bright.

The 24-year-old Vesia flew fast, hitting 11-2 records in 109 innings in two seasons, posting 1.57 ERAs and 157 strikeouts. His Miami season in Miami derailed for the most part after being shortlisted for the Cowboys 19 in August and spending 3 1/2 weeks in quarantine.

Cummins, who handled the program in Vesia’s junior year, saw the left-handed struggle as a junior before opening as a senior.

“I think he put a lot of pressure on himself in my first year to get the draft,” Cummins said. “He walked with a lot of guys, tried to push, he made the perfect pitch. We talked after that before his senior year, you need to relax and trust your ability. Just go out and let the game come to you.

Vesia responded with a record of 8-2. After a few games early in the season, when Vesia started and East gave up a late lead, Cummins began to eliminate Vesia in the third or fourth inning.

“I had to convince him, that’s what we’re starting to do,” Cummins said. “He said, ‘Who are you talking about?’ I said I’ll get you out there in the ninth, finish the game, and we’re coughing. He got it. ”

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