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The son of a former Afghan defense minister has bought a mansion in California for 20.9 million.

By James McClean | Different types.

He already owns a امی 5.2 million Miami Beach condo at St. Regis Ball Harbor Resort, but داؤد وردک Apparently he also wants a West Coast outpost. To that end, he heads to Beverly Hills – records show that a semi-mysterious businessman, the son of former Afghan Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak, bought a 20.9 million mansion.

Brand new this year and designed by a local architecture firm. Woods + Dangran, The approximately 99,000-square-foot home is listed on the off-market listing as a fusion of the “modern Mets century.” The 0.58 acre property was last sold in 2016 for .5 9.5 million. Woodbridge Group, Now defunct ponzi scheme Woodbridge demolishes original house on lot, and new structure sold to Wardak by Woodbridge bankruptcy proceedings Viewpoint Collection., A premier manufacturer of advanced Los Angeles homes.

The new house rotates in a small but attractive way. Modern 1960s. Longtime owned by Sally Hershberger, LA’s infamous “hair stylist for stars” from the Kansas oil heir. During its tenure, Hersberger leased the property to Candace Nelson, founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes and Pizana Food Chains, before selling it to a Florida businessman in 2013 for 6.9 million.

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