The state of San Jose showed more electricity on Saturday night than in any of the previous two games in the Spartan season, winning a 34-6 home win against Western Michigan.

No game was more electrifying than winger Justin Lockhart catching a Chevano Cordeiro pass in the first quarter and breaking 82 yards to set up a Taren Schive goal to open the scoring for the Spartans (2-1). This game was the largest serving of the day 116 yards for Lockhart and 17 of the 27, 250 yards shown by quarterback Chevano Cordeiro.

It was the longest offensive game of the year for the state of San Jose and sparked a defeat in the Spartans’ final game before the Mountain West kick off.

Two other Spartans to transfer from Nevada, Elijah Cooks and Charles Ross, also scored touchdowns in the win.

Spartan defense also played a role.

The Broncos had two climbs in the first half, traversing deep into Spartan territory, but came through with nothing each time, thanks to their fourth San Jose stops. First, Cornerback Kenyon Reed limited 78 yards drive on the SJSU 8-yard line, battling WMU quarterback Mareyohn Hrabowski for a loss of two yards on the fourth and second. The second came courtesy of linebacker Kyle Harmon who took center over the Spartans’ 23 yard line.

Western Michigan only collected 71 passing yards and 206 yards total infraction.

Kairee Robinson’s first of two touchdowns came after a massive five-yard strike to equalize the Spartan 10-0 in the second quarter, defeating defender Bronco along the way. Robinson later scored 23 yards early in the fourth quarter to put the game out of reach after another Spartan stop.

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