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The Tory MP who said that ‘Sajid Javed and Nadeem Zahawi look alike’ should be left with a warning.

Conservative MP who met the cabinet ministers. Sajid Javed And ندیم زحاوی He also claimed that “they all look the same to me” and that his party had issued a warning.

James Gray. At a St. John’s Ambulance event, where the two ministers were guests, they are in a race after being reported to have made an insulting remark.

The 66-year-old MP denied the quote attributed to him, saying “they all look the same to me” – but admitted that he thought ministers looked the same.

Condemning his remarks, the Conservative Party spokesman said: “These comments were wrong. We do not tolerate racism or any form of discrimination.

Free He thinks Mr Gray has been reminded by Tory chief whip Mark Spencer that he has expectations of him as an MP – but no further action has been taken.

St. John’s Ambulance was quick to take action on the comments, and asked the MP to resign from his role as Parliamentary Advocate for the Ambulance Service.

A spokeswoman for the charity said: “St. John’s does not tolerate racism in any form, shape or form. Talked about

Laborer He also condemned his alleged remarks, and challenged Boris Johnson to take “severe” disciplinary action against Mr Gray.

“Enough is enough. These reported statements by James Gray are shameful and completely unacceptable,” said Tao Otami MP, shadow minister for women’s and equality labor.

He added: “Boris Johnson needs to change his habit and take strong action here, making it clear that racist language has no place in the mainstream political party. These remarks are not without challenge. Can go

An eyewitness to the recent parliamentary ceremony said. Mail online. – who first reported the comment – that Mr. Zahawi had a private conversation with Mr. Gray immediately after his speech.

But he declined to speak to Mr Zhawi after the incident, saying he was “very close friends” with the two ministers, who are among Westminster’s top politicians.

He told Mail online.“The idea that this is some kind of racist comment is ridiculous. They are two very good friends of mine. I said, ‘I’m sorry to confuse you two. You two look very similar.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry if I got you two together.’ ‘

Mr Gray was forced to apologize last month for a “stupid comment” suggesting a bomb had been planted in the office of a senior Labor MP.

At the time, Mr Gray said he meant “no offense” with a comment about Labor Chair Anneliese Dodds, which he had posted to a WhatsApp group before the opposition conference in Brighton.

The timing of this remark was of particular concern to MPs, as Margaret Thatcher was bombed in 1984 at a Conservative Party conference in the same city.

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