‘The Umbrella Academy’ creator Steve Blackman on what to expect in season 3

It’s almost time for the superhero’s favorite dysfunctional family to return Umbrella Academy Season 3, and series creator and showrunner Steve Blackman has spoken newsweek About what’s in store for the group.

Season 2 ends with the heroes saving the world from an apocalypse for the second time, but when they return to their timeline they learn that the Umbrella Academy no longer exists.

He is replaced by a new team of heroes called The Sparrow Academy, complete with a living, breathing iteration of his late brother Ben (Justin H. Minn).

and Blackman assured newsweek That fans will finally know exactly what happened after the dramatic final moments of the second season, as Season 3 will pick up right where it left off: when the two groups first met.

Umbrella Academy is back where it all ended

LR: Justin H. Min, Ritu Arya, Aidan Gallagher, Robert Sheehan, Amy Raver-Lampman, David Castaneda, Elliot Page and Tom Hooper as Ben, Leela, Five, Klaus, Alison, Diego, Victor and Luther in “The Academy” Season 3. Producer Steve Blackman spoke to Greeley Tribune about what fans can expect from the new episode.

“We find our Umbrella Academy exactly where we left them at the end of Season 2,” Blackman explained. “They’re back at the Academy, but unfortunately there’s another family that claims to be there, The Sparrows.

“Something has clearly gone wrong, because [Reginald] There is also Hargreaves (column four)… Hargreaves is dead in his timeline and Ben is also dead in his timeline, but both are seen standing there in the flesh. So that’s the big difference.”

The dynamics between the Umbrella Academy family members Luther (Tom Hopper), Diego (David Castaneda), Alison (Amy Raver-Lampman), Klaus (Robert Sheehan), Five (Aidan Gallagher) and Victor (Elliott Page) also led to this. Will change Shocking moment.

Blackman said: “I think this year, one of the things I wanted to do is bring them together against a common enemy, now that they have to deal with the apocalypse and doomsday coming their way. have worked together.

“But this year, they have a lot more personal enemy to deal with than the fact that there is Sparrow Academy.

“So, you know, in other seasons, they were doing more of their stories and coming together at certain times. This season, I really wanted to see them come together against a common enemy. How can it work?”

Who is Sparrow Academy?

Sparrow Academy are seven gifted children who were adopted by Hargreaves instead of Umbrella Academy, with the exception of Ben in this new timeline.

As well as Ben, the team includes Marcus (Justin Cornwell), Fei (Brittney Oldford), Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez), Jaime (Cazi David), Alfonso (Jake Epstein) and a psychronium cube named Christopher.

Blackman said what he thinks fans will love best about Sparrow is how different he is from the heroes they know and love.

Blackman said, “I think the way I separate families is that Umbrella Academy is a family that doesn’t know how to be a superhero, while Sparrow Academy is a family of superheroes who don’t know how to be a family. ,” Blackman said. ,

“So, they’re very different in their approach to things, but I think fans will really, really love Sparrow.

“They are very strange and quirky in their own way, they are a very unique team. They work together far more efficiently than our family at Umbrella Academy.

“But at the same time, they have much bigger issues with each other. And it appears that a family that is united may not be as united as we think.”

Naming Christopher as his favorite of the new characters, he continued: “[He] Kind of unique, it’s not the Aa Cube superhero you have every day and that’s exactly what it is… he’s funny enough even though you’ll never understand what he’s saying. He’s quite entertaining in his own little way.”

What to Expect in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3

Blackman also considered his favorite moment of Season 3, deciding that instead of choosing just one, he would admire the show’s cast and what they achieved in the new episode.

He said: “Look, this year I think we’ve really taken a step not only in terms of the level of action, but also in terms of actors, you know, [they] Just excellent and they really live in the characters now.

“I think there are some very touching moments, there are heartfelt moments, but at the same time, you know, I think the show is going to be a lot of fun this year. I think it’s full of surprises.

“Everyone thinks they know these umbrellas all too well right now, but I think this is the season where you’re going to discover a lot more layers to them and continue to fall in love with them as That I think the fans have.”

Umbrella Academy Season 3 premieres Wednesday, June 22 on Netflix.

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