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The union said that if no agreement was reached, IATSE members would go on strike on Monday.

The union, which represents film and television staff, says its 60,000 members will go on a nationwide strike on Monday if they do not reach an agreement that meets the requirements of fair and safe working conditions. ۔

The strike will end. Extensive film and television production, filming and moving beyond Hollywood, influencing shootings in Georgia, New Mexico and other North America.

Matthew Loeb, president of the International Coalition of Theater Stage Employees International, said Wednesday that the strike would begin at 12:01 a.m. Monday until an agreement was reached on rest and meals, and that low-wage workers No payment.

Leub noted the lack of urgency in negotiating a date for the strike.

“Without a deadline, we can continue to negotiate forever. Our members deserve to have their basic needs met now,” Lobe said in a statement.

The strike would be a major blow to an industry that recently returned to work after repeated outbreaks of chronic epidemics and new outbreaks.

This is the first nationwide strike in the 128-year history of the IATSE, whose members include cinematographers, camera operators, set designers, carpenters, hairdressers and make-up artists, animators and others.

Union members say they are forced to work overtime and are not given adequate rest between meal breaks and shifts. Leaders say the lowest paid craftsmen receive unpaid wages. And streamers like Netflix, Apple and Amazon are allowed to pay even less under previous agreements, which allowed them more flexibility when they came up.

The union reported on October 4 that its members had voted overwhelmingly. Allow your president to strike, but negotiations, and the hope of avoiding a walkout, resumed after the vote.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents studios and other entertainment companies in the negotiations, said its members value their staff members and are committed to avoiding shutdowns in a still recovering industry. Are

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