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The United States will restore a full pension to Trump’s target, McCabe.

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WASHINGTON – Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has withdrawn his full pension three years ago as part of a settlement of a lawsuit over his firing during the Trump administration.

McCabe, who was repeatedly angered by then-President Donald Trump, was fired by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions in March 2018 after the Inspector General of Justice determined that he had hired internal investigators. Misleading that they are involved in a news media leak. Just hours before his retirement, his pension was denied.

McCabe has deliberately refused to betray anyone, has never been charged with a crime, and his firing was used as a political stimulus.

He said in a lawsuit filed in 2019 that his removal was part of Trump’s effort to rid the FBI of officers he considered unfaithful. Trump fired James Comey to become acting director of the FBI, leading an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

As part of the litigation, the federal government has agreed to vacate and vacate McCabe’s dismissal, agree to retire him in good health and restore his full retirement pension.

A Justice Department spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment.

“Justice should never play a role in the administration of justice and the fair administration of civil servants,” McCabe said in a statement. He added that he hopes the “findings encourage FBI men and women to stand up for the truth and protect their jobs without fear of political reprisals.”

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