The United States can continue nuclear talks with Iran even as Washington fights off Tehran’s suppression of mass protests in that country in the Middle East, one top White House official said on Sunday.

“The fact that we are negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program in no way affects our readiness and enthusiasm to talk about what is happening on the streets of Iran,” national security adviser Jake Sullivan told CBS. Nation “. “.

Last week, President Biden expressed his solidarity with the Iranian protesters who took to the streets after a 22-year-old woman died after being arrested for wearing a hijab too loosely. At least 11 people were killed in the riots.

Sullivan noted that the US punished members of the notorious “morality police” responsible for enforcing Iranian religious laws and “took steps to facilitate Iranian access to the Internet and communication technology.”

But the United States will continue to seek a diplomatic solution to Iran’s nuclear program, he said. After former President Donald Trump killed the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, the Biden administration proposed lifting the country’s criminal sanctions if it stopped trying to develop nuclear weapons.

“We are talking about diplomacy to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. If we succeed in this effort – and are determined to succeed in this effort – world America and our allies will be safe, ”Sullivan said. “And that will in no way stop us from pushing ourselves away and speaking out about Iran’s brutal repression of its citizens and women. We can and will do both.


Sullivan also spoke to Russia on Sunday.

“We have communicated to the Kremlin directly, privately, at a very high level, that any use of nuclear weapons will have catastrophic consequences for Russia, that the United States and our allies will react decisively,” he said.

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