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The Valley’s former Christian coach did not fight sexual exploitation.

A once-prominent track and basketball coach at San Jose-Valley Christian High School will be sentenced this week after being convicted of more than two dozen charges of preparing and sexually abusing two former female players in the 2000s.

Former Valley Christian High School coach Greg Marshall has been convicted of 26 counts of having sex with two of his younger female players in the 2000s.

Greg Marshall, 59, pleaded not guilty in June to 26 counts of having sex and having sex with a minor. He will be sentenced on Thursday to 19 years in prison from probation, although the sentence proposed by the County Probation Department is nine years and four months in prison.

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Kelly Maker said, “It’s a terrible crime when anyone has sex with minors, but it’s especially disgusting when someone is in a trusted position like Mr. Marshall.” ۔ ”

The defense attorney representing Marshall in the criminal case did not respond to a request for comment.

Allison Brown, whose account includes 20 of the 26 charges, and Tracy Walker, who previously had charges against Marshall, were not initially prosecuted.

“I finally unveiled it in 2006 and it didn’t go anywhere,” Walker said in an interview. “I’m happy and Alison definitely sheds light on this toxic environment. People often misuse their power and they don’t get the effects, because they’re good coaches, and it flows under the carpet.

Brown said he encouraged USA Gymnastics Athletes to come forward and make the team’s Dr. Larry Nasser’s serial abuse known over two decades.

“We have a lot of great people who have paved the way for us, and in my mind, Tracy and I are part of that,” Brown said. “It is a great victory for us to reach this point and continue to guide young boys and girls who have been sexually abused.”

Was marshal Arrested in January 2019 Brown said after contacting San Jose police that his basketball coach began having sex with him in 2004 at the age of 17. The coach was arrested two days later.

Brown’s case sheds light on Valley Christian High School when it renewed public attention to how Walker – who was Brown’s partner – reported in 2006 that he had sex with Marshall when he was young. Were At the time, prosecutors did not make any allegations, citing insufficient evidence.

But after Brown’s allegations. Criminal charges were filed against Marshall., The District Attorney’s Office filed six charges based on Walker’s allegations. The two women publicly identified themselves in January. Brown filed a lawsuit against Christian Valley., Saying they did it to empower. Other people who survived the abuse came forward..

Marshall was a track school coach at Branham High School at the time of his arrest. She has also served as a strength coach for the San Francisco 49ers and was a strength and conditioning coach for the Santa Clara University women’s soccer team for two seasons of 2009-2011.

Following Marshall’s arrest, Brown, Walker, and several other female athletes under Marvel’s watch called out how they were allowed to go on campus and train students through their private business, after which the school formally He had severed ties with her as a coach.

In several statements since Marshall’s arrest, the Valley Christian administration has insisted that it report Walker’s account to police, and that when no charges were filed, the school had him off campus. There was no reason to ban him, provided his wife was a coach and his children were star players at the school.

The assessment is part of a civil suit filed by Brown against the school last January, alleging that the administration prioritized the school’s reputation and athletic heritage over the safety of itself and other students. Walker Valley reached a settlement in 2020 after filing a similar lawsuit against Christian and Marshall.

Brown’s case was settled in May, with his lawyer, Robert Allard, saying it involved an anonymous financial settlement and promised the school immediate new security measures. These measures include but are not limited to better background screening for jobs, the provision of new training and education, and the establishment of clear procedures for students to complain about suspected predatory behavior.

“Instead of these two young women who went to Christian Valley in the hope of achieving their dreams, what they found was a complete dream,” Allard said. “And it could all be easily avoided.”

Both Walker and Brown said their stories should be taken seriously in school communities, from administrators and teachers to parents.

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