A video allegedly showing a Russian fighter falling from the sky was widely circulated on the Internet after Ukrainian forces claimed to have shot down four planes in one day.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that on Saturday, September 24, two Russian Su-25 jets were destroyed along with Su-20 and Su-34 aircraft.

Ukraine’s Defense spokesman said: “Today is a good day for #UAarma and a bad day for Russian aviation. Su-25, two Su-30 and Su-34 went to f*ck.

The strong language used in the tweet was a reference to Ukrainian forces on Snake Island, who used a similar phrase when Russian forces ordered them to surrender shortly after the war broke out.

The Sukhoi Su-57 fifth-generation multi-role jet fighter takes part in a flight demonstration at the MAKS International Aviation and Space Show at Zhukovsky International Airport on August 27, 2019 in Zhukovsky, Russia. The video reportedly showed the jet after impact.

Since the Russian invasion in February, it is estimated that the country has lost tens of thousands of military equipment.

Ukraine says it has destroyed or captured more than 259 military fighters, 2,275 tanks, 4,832 armored fighting vehicles, and 3,701 warships and boats as of February 24.

According to the Oryx open database, Russia lost 639 vehicles, 3,926 of which were destroyed.

On Saturday, the command of the Airborne Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shared a recording of a plane seemingly falling from the sky on its Facebook profile.

The video showed a fighter with flames firing from the rear of a combat vehicle constantly losing altitude.

The spokesman said: “In the area of ​​the mission, the soldiers of the anti-aircraft defense unit of the 25 Siszesławska Air Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Airborne Forces shot down two Russian planes – an armored att*ck aircraft Su-25 and a multi-role fighter of the fourth generation Su-30.”

The spokesman later added: “Death to the Russian invaders. Together to victory. Glory to Ukraine. “

Over 38,000 people watched the video on Facebook, and a further 247,000 watched it on Twitter after it was uploaded.

Newsweek contacted the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for comment.

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine seems to be entering a new phase following Vladimir Putin’s mobilization decree earlier this week.

Putin hopes the decree will increase troop numbers after thousands of Russian fighters have died in seven months of the conflict.

The new law also provides for severe penalties for soldiers who refuse to fight in Ukraine, including 10 years in prison.

Protests broke out in more than 38 cities across Russia, a sign of growing frustration at the Kremlin’s waging war.

A constant stream of Russians tried to leave the country for fear that they might be drafted into the army.

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