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The video shows the smuggler leaving a 7-year-old girl on the fence of the US-Mexico border.

The new video shows a smuggler unloading a 7-year-old girl behind her from a border wall on Tuesday morning, then releasing her to the United States.

Border patrol agents spotted a Piggy-backed girl on surveillance cameras near California.

He thought he had to answer carefully, he didn’t want to risk scaring the smuggler and he knocked the girl down a 30-foot wall when he broke through the barrier.

He waited until the girl reached the ground before answering. By then, the smuggler had sent the girl north along the wall when he climbed up and returned to Mexico.

The girl was given a welfare check and then taken to Border Patrol Station for processing.

Gregory K. Bovino, chief patrolling agent in the El Centro sector, said no one, no child of any age or race, should face the dangers of crossing the country illegally. “Smugglers will always see children as a commodity for profit, ignoring the safety and well-being of anyone but themselves.”

The place where the smuggler left the girl is near the All-American Canal, which serves as another barrier to access to the interior of the United States, and crossing it can be treacherous.

The incident is the latest in a series of abandonments of young children amid the rise of Biden Border.

Upon arrival without parents, the girl may be considered a foreign child or UAC. This means that he will be immediately transferred from the custody of Border Patrol to a shelter run by Health and Human Services, which will then look for a sponsor to take him inside.

The recently concluded fiscal year 2021 sets an all-time record for most UACs, with the new Biden administration affecting the border more comfortably.

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