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The Walking Dead Anthology show ‘Tales’ is coming to AMC in 2022.

A walking dead zombie.۔

More zombies are coming to AMC.
Image: AMC

As long as last season. the walking Dead Kills his first intervention, Its latest spin-off has been officially revived. AMC only green lit. Announced first Walking Dead Stories. Anthology series and set to debut in 2022. The company also hired a writer and producer, Channing Powell, who worked on both the walking Dead And Fear the walking dead., As a show runner. He will work with Scott M. Gempel, Who oversees everything. walking Dead.

“I started out as a fan the walking Dead And hopefully one of its most unique spin offices will be, ”Powell said Said in a statement. “It’s stupid and I’m so grateful to AMC and Scott for supporting me and my authors when we pushed, stretched and pushed the boundaries of this universe to give you something new and different.” Expect to be brought up, while still hoping that the main audience will still like a lot about the flagship show.

The first season will be a six-episode series that “focuses on both new and established characters in the world of the original series.” This is a slightly smoother description than the one released last year. Stories. As an installment anthology with individual episodes or installments of episodes focusing on new or existing characters, backstory, or other stand-alone experiences. “

“This series, more than any other. walking Dead The universe revolves around new voices, perspectives and ideas – unlike the life stories we’ve told before, “said Jemple. So I’m doing my best to make these new scenes real. “It’s all very interesting for the fans. the walking Dead There is a huge universe and now the characters we didn’t like to see can come back very soon, the plot holes and the questions we had can be answered, really anything is possible.

“We see so much potential in this world for a wide range of rich and powerful storytelling. Tales of the walking dead. Dan McDermott, president of original programming at AMC Networks and AMC Studios, said it would give us the flexibility to entertain existing audiences and create an entry point for new viewers, especially on streaming platforms. Will offer “We’ve seen the appeal of this format in television classics. Twilight Zone And, more recently, Black mirror, And against the backdrop of this very unique and fascinating world, fans are excited to engage in this new way.

Now, compare between there the walking Dead And Twilight Zone Or Black mirror More about episodic formats, not the nature of the shows. But, the anthropological nature of. Stories. Hypothetically opens up this possibility. This is a thrilling thought and we’ll see how it goes in 2022. Take a look at the art here.

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