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The warriors told Dreammond Green to be more aggressive on the offense.

LOS ANGELES – Fellows slowly walk out of the courtroom and return to the Warriors Locker Room. Eventually, Dreammond Green’s only company, Warriors, had a pair of assistant coaches working on the drills and re-working for them by the end of the shootout.

It was only a few weeks ago when he was in Green LA and his colleagues were opening a training camp in San Francisco. His loneliness on Staples Center Court on Tuesday morning, however, was a reminder of the important role the Warriors expect to play in his 10th NBA season.

“I think I’m in a good position,” Green said ahead of the Warriors’ pre-season game against the Lakers on Tuesday. He had a healthy scratch with fellow star Stephen Curry in preparation for a full “dress rehearsal” in his last pre-season game on Friday.

“It’s going to be real,” he continued. “I just want to make sure I keep my legs under me, feeling good, the way my body should move.… I feel like getting the body right for me tonight. Is.

In court on Tuesday morning, Green left each of his teammates behind as he fired shots and worked on pick-and-roll and post maneuvers. Coach Steve Kerr has appealed to them to be more determined on the offensive end.

Green scored the lowest points of his career last season, his third straight single-digit scoring average. However, its star is hardly gone. He renewed his position in all of the NBA’s first-team defensive honors (after a two-year run on the second team) and finished with the highest assist of his career (8.9 per game).

“I always pass the ball. I mean, I think I’m pretty polite about it,” Green said. “It’s a big part of my role in this crime, so I’m always going to do it. But when it’s shot, take it. He paused and smiled.” I’m going to do it. ”

Pur took Green aside before the Warriors’ pre-season opener in Portland. He gave her a message: “I want you to shoot two or three 3s in each game. If you’re open, let it fly.”

“He’s a smart player,” Kerr said this week. “I like when he’s aggressive. I like when he’s trying to score, whether it’s Open 3 or putting the ball on the floor, trying to get to the edge. When he scores, we’re a better team. Are formed, so I want him to be aggressive.

Are fighters Intended to clear the floor And moving the ball, which can create a more open form for Green, who can sometimes be the team’s worst shooter and physically dominant figure on the 6-foot-6 floor.

Green has scored more than 33% of his three-point effort in his career, and has not shot more than 30% in three seasons. He posted a career-low 27% last season.

The answer to Kerr? “I’ll probably take like five.”

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