CHICAGO (CBS) – The third night of Mexico’s Independence Day celebrations took over on Saturday’s Loop Night in Chicago as hundreds of people burst into the city center to celebrate it. The party created a gigantic stalemate. Authorities bet the rounds were over, so police said they had no plans to close roads on Sunday night.

Since the city center was practically still, one woman said she was beaten up after being confronted by another driver on the road. Pictures of her injuries can be disturbing.

The victim’s face is visibly swollen and bruised. Her att*ckers fled.

In the streets, Sunday night was quiet, but only 24 hours earlier was the second day of the deadlock – this time in Fulton Market, not in the Loop.

In the middle of it all was a woman, bruised, kicked in the face and att*cked, she says, because two women got angry while sitting in a traffic jam.

“All because you couldn’t turn left? All because we are still stuck in traffic? ” Karolina Pacheco said.

She couldn’t get away from her worst nightmare because she was stuck in traffic.

She had a swollen eye, torn pants, and a bruised nose.

“She hit me and hit me in the face. She threw me off and started kicking me in the face too, ”said Pacheco.

She said it started just before midnight Saturday, got stuck in a sea of ​​cars in the lake and canal.

“There was no room for them to enter my lane, so they reached the point where they reached me on my right-hand side of the passenger, and that’s when the driver started harassing me there,” she said.

She said two women stopped next to her and took a picture of them. We blurred their faces as the police continued their investigation.

“They knock on my window and laugh at me,” she said.

They tried to get into her lane, but there was nowhere to go. Pacheco said it made them even more angry that the woman pushed in her side mirror.

Then she stopped to try to fix it.

“The girl turns around and says,” What are you going to do about it? ” It starts to get closer to me and I say, “I don’t want to do anything about it,” she said.

They surrounded her in an alley. Nobody stopped the police. Due to the impasse, she didn’t even try to call 911.

“It took a homeless man to stop the fight,” she said. “Of all the cars, all the cars, everyone has seen it. Nobody stopped it. Nobody stopped the police. I was just there. “

She went alone – although she could barely see – to the hospital.

Less than 24 hours later, it was quiet at the intersection, but her memories were being played back.

“Actually, I’m a bit scared that I’ll even come back,” she said.

Her mind was begging the city to proactively close roads.

“Mexican Independence Day is every year, you know, don’t be,” Oh, that’s the last minute. ” Don’t plan this ahead of time, she said.

The police do not have the registration number of their att*ckers. He asks anyone who recorded the video to send it to the Chicago Police.

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