CHICAGO (CBS) A woman accused of shoving her 3-year-old nephew into Lake Michigan near Navy Pier took the child from his home without the rest of the family knowing, prosecutors said.

The woman, 34-year-old Victoria Moreno of Des Plaines, is: facing charges attempted m*rder and beating of a child. Police said Moreno threw the boy into the water Monday afternoon and made no attempt to save him. According to prosecutors, the boy will probably not survive.

Moreno appeared in court on Wednesday.

Prosecutors said the boy was at the Des Plaines home on Monday afternoon, where he lives with his grandmother and another aunt. Moreno allegedly stole the keys to the family truck and took the boy, not telling the rest of the family.

Another family member became concerned when she noticed Moreno and the baby had disappeared.

The family was particularly concerned as Moreno took the three children living in the family home to Navy Pier last week also without permission. The 11-year-old child she took told other family members where to come and take them home.

During Monday’s incident, prosecutors said Moreno had driven into Chicago and tried to enter the Shedd Aquarium with the boy, but couldn’t because she only had cash.

Shortly after noon, she parked at Navy Pier and walked into McDonald’s to order food. Moreno eventually took the boy to the pier where there were chains on the poles to keep people out of the water.

The boy crawled under the chains and reached the edge of the platform. With no one there, Moreno let the boy crawl towards the edge of the pier. She climbed the chains, straddled it, and then pushed it into the lake.

Moreno sat and stared at the water as the child dr*wned, prosecutors said.

Two people heard the baby hit the water and saw Moreno crouched by the platform. They asked what happened to the boy and she said nothing, but later stated that she did not know him.

Two witnesses called the police and were given a rescue ring. But a few minutes after the boy was pushed back, he sank under the water.

Moreno did not ask for help and pretended not to know the child when he was questioned by the police, prosecutors said.

The boy was recovered by the Chicago Fire Department at the bottom of the lake about 30 minutes after he fell.

He is still hospitalized with numerous critical injuries. It is connected to a ventilator and requires cardiac support. Prosecutors said he was unlikely to survive.

There is a chance that Moreno will face additional charges if the boy dies, prosecutors added.

Moreno was detained without bail. There is no history of arrest.

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