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The women in “Squid Game” are better than their heroic deeds on screen.

As Running away from Netflix. Hit, “Squid Game” It not only entertained, but also provoked the audience to consider its sensational violence and the inhumanity of predatory capitalism. And while most of her characters lose in cut-throat situations, the series fails, especially in the stories given to a few prominent women.

Written and directed by Huang Dong Hyuk, the show follows hundreds of poor people who he thinks will be a series. Children’s games About 40 40 million for the occasion. Instead, they soon discover that they are fighting for their lives, while the super-rich see and bet.

As the players – designated by numbers on their uniform green track suits – are eliminated one by one, it is not surprising that the main female characters meet all the horrible deaths, although the deaths Are coded as brave. But after further scrutiny, it is clear that their stories have only been augmented to provide fodder for the male characters in the series.

Ji Yong’s Sacrifice, No. 240.

“Squid Game” has been praised especially for its amazing feminist rights in its short but touching scenes between two young women. Sae-byeok (Jung Ho-Yeon), aka No. 67, has been introduced from the beginning as a very poor pocket who is reluctant to trust others. We don’t meet Ji-Yong (Lee Yu-mai), No. 240, until halfway through the series during Tug O War it appears that she really doesn’t care about anything except hating a religious fellow. of the .

But when Sai Biok and Ji Yong decided to pair up for the next challenge while playing marble, it was later revealed to them that this time they were not teammates but opponents, and the loser would have to die. Although the rest of the couple decides briskly which marble game will decide their fate in the next half hour, the two young women get to know each other instead of talking to each other.

Sai Beek reveals his frustrating journey from North Korea with his younger brother, and how the game’s prize money will allow him to recover and care for the orphanage. Ji Yong, on the other hand, has just come out of prison after killing his father, a sign that Ji Yong and his mother were abusive. It’s basically the only significant amount of 240 screen time during the “Squid Game”, and its story, presumably as a survivor who defends himself against his abuser in a criminal and economic way. Has been convicted.

And as the clock strikes the deadline when a winner needs to be determined, Ji Yong happily throws out the game. She chooses to die.

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There is no doubt that almost every contestant in the “squid game” has a powerful personal story and reasons to play the game. But the story of 240 stands out among those we know about men, such as No. 456 Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) and his gambling problems, or Jang Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae), No. 101. And his loans as a gangster. Ji Yong is a surviving woman who ultimately sacrifices her life to help another young woman reunite with Sao Buik and take care of her family.

Yes, it’s sad to lose Ji Yong immediately after hearing her story and witnessing her kindness, but it’s also disturbing because like so many other stories about women by men, it’s just a story. Uses abuse as a telling tool. It’s a brief approach to building motivation and a deeper understanding of the character, rather than constructing the right narrative instead of offering more attention, packing and screen time. Ji-yong may have cheated in his marble game to sacrifice himself, but we as spectators also feel cheated.

Revenge of Mi-nyeo, No. 212.

Squid game.Kim Joo Riang in “Squid Game” as Han M Nai (Netflix / Youth Park)

Of course, after 240 deaths, the other two women are doomed. Clever and talkative self-made mother Han Me Niu (Kim Jo Riang), No. 212, felt and heard her presence from the beginning. Although, some questions if her sobbing story about not naming her newborn baby was just for sympathy, little effort is made to tell her background whether it is true or even the prize money. Why is it so badly needed? Regardless, he is a very ruthless player but also clever. He is just one of two characters who have been shown to be smart enough to figure out how to deal with illegal trafficking.

The arrogant Duke Xu realized that he was a power that was considered the worst. In the next round of play on the glass-clad bridge, the majority of the remaining 16 contestants die. It seems that Han Me Niue and Duke Xu can revive her, until she voluntarily dies. In this way, she fulfills her vow to kill him for her previous betrayal.

Considering what Duke Xu is – intimidating, attacking and even killing others in a contest – their joint death is in some ways a victorious moment. It’s a testament to Mi-nyeo’s courage, and the power of his lust for revenge. But it’s still a death, the end of her story, with many questions lingering about her, such as what will happen to her now mysterious anonymous child or more about the circumstances that led up to this game. Led to participation.

If Mi-nyeo’s story were to be understood in more depth, it might increase our understanding of the plight of poor single mothers or the upbringing in which they Education did not benefit Like some of the more privileged men in the game. Instead, most of her on-screen role is devoted to scenes where she faces defenders, rejected by those who want to team up because of her gender. , Or bullying by Duke Xu.

It is particularly disturbing that Duke Xu has made such an impact on him and has earned his loyalty for most of the series. He initially worked with her because he looked strong, and even had sex with her to strengthen their alliance. Within that episode, he left her, which finally sealed his fate. Revenge is not so sweet when one thinks that one has killed oneself in response to a man’s actions.

Tragedy of Tragedy Bai, No. 67.

Squid game.Squid game. (Yangki Park / Netflix)

As one of the last three, Sai Buick is definitely established as one of the main characters in the series. However, viewers had the privilege of watching his life outside the game and even met his younger brother. Unfortunately, the other two finalists are each a hero and a rival to his childhood friend, Sang Wu (Park He Xu), so of course his time stands as the last woman.

As the three survive crossing the bridge, it destroys itself behind them in a shower of pieces of glass, cutting each of them apart. As the men left with minor fleshy wounds, it was revealed that Sibyuk had opened his stomach with a broken glass and approached the fatal wounds. Despite bringing her almost to the end, she knows she is on the verge of death.

Her last scenes were just sad and depressing when she spent most of it in pain and fell on her bed (she didn’t even enjoy that wonderful steak dinner!) Although she and Gi-hun had a few moments of confidence. In which she tries to fulfill her promise to help her family, if she wins, she also gets caught up in her enmity with Sang Wu to get attention.

Sae-buek’s last moments are spent working on Ji-hun’s conscience – reminding him of his sense of honor and not tempting Sangwu to kill him in his sleep – and then Sangwu He has cut his own throat. Seeing his new trusted friend dead at the hands of his enemy, anger left Ji Hun, who is now even more determined to win the final.

With Sae-byeok out, all the female characters in “Squid Game” are now dead to make way for the impending battle between Gi-hun and Sang-Woo. Compared to the other deaths on the show, No. 1 (O Yeong-su) is thought to be the cause of his brain cancer, from the death of Sang Wu’s Ali (Anupam Tripathi) to the fatal betrayal of Ji-Yong, M-Niu. And Sae-byeok are memorable and brave, showing their courage, pride and even the nature of their self-sacrifice.

But his death is still a death knell for furthering male narratives.

Undoubtedly, this is a recurring theme in popular ActionFlex that points to the understanding that the audience is mostly male and only wants to see men fight. It is also assumed that women in the audience are quite satisfied to see men fighting because men’s stories are considered preconceived and important. In an attempt to dodge harsh criticism of homosexuality or lack of gender representation, these action flicks can be written in women, only then through the death of a character that sounds epic, but really in a state of action storytelling. Maintain. I “Avengers: The End Game,” Natasha Romanov may have died to save the world, but her death was also about prioritizing the future of the male character in the MCU.

In action projects, the spectacle of women’s deaths is given a shiny, feminist polish when women are subjected to memorable, heroic deaths. But if the path is to be paved for men instead of women, then it is not a feminist right to enter the fire of glory.

The female characters in “Squid Game” are forcibly written, confronted and overcome sexuality in sports, and control their lives. But these characters are still written in the service of masculine storytelling in many ways – a template that is now the last time to break the genre of action.

Gender and sexual inequality in the “squid game”

Beyond these three women, the “squid game” only has a mild effect on sex and sexuality. These topics emerge in foreign ways: female competitors are struggling to find sports partners and teams that are connected to physical strength or jokes about Mi-nyeo’s status as a mother.

However, towards the end of the series, Huang Jun Ho (Wai Ha Jun), a detective, finds his brother who has disappeared, at one point disguises himself as a waiter and a greedy, wealthy VIP. Is sexually abused by Watching games for fun. The VIP is portrayed as a bully and a sexual predator, and Jun-Ho’s same-sex appeal is also the only bizarre representation in the series. Deliberately or not, it has some depressing, homosexual connotations, especially considering recent developments and Increased LGBTQ representation in K dramas, Which lacks a “squid game”.

Issues of gender representation are not uncommon in the “squid game” when we consider how predatory capitalism has a special, disproportionate effect on women. In the United States and around the world, Women are more likely to be in poverty., And are more vulnerable to sexual exploitation and violence in the workplace. In a story about the horrors of wealth inequality, focusing more on the female characters, instead of semi-promoting a few female characters and eventually eliminating them all, would have been much more meaningful in reality.

The clear economic messages and capitalist critiques of the “squid game” do not really mean that the show has done much, and go “up and forward” to include it and further explore the implications of identity in economic backwardness. No need Instead, in this story of inequality and economic misery, if anything, gender and identity should have received even more attention, considering how capitalist oppression co-operates with patriarchy.

Ignoring premature deaths and female characters like Ji Yong, MI New and Sai Buik is a missed opportunity for “Squid Game” – and a mistake to correct if the show is to continue.

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