Dear Amy: My husband and I are having a hot tub delivery soon. We plan to use it during the day without swimsuits. Yes, naked!

We have neighbors about 40 feet away who could see us if they wanted to – in the bathtub or walking 20 feet from our patio door to the bathtub.

We’re not shy and we don’t plan to hide. And no, we’re not “showing off”. We just want to enjoy swimming in our birthday suits.

Some non-neighbor friends are appalled. Your thoughts?

Naked as God intended, EH

Dear Bare: You will only be rampaging on your own property and I can’t imagine your nudity breaking any law (check your local laws).

However, do you relish the prospect of alerting your neighbors? Just a little?

And yes, of course, despite what you claim, you seem to be planning to “stack”.

It would be easy for you to wrap yourself in a towel for that 20-meter journey from home to the hot tub (you don’t need a towel anyway?).

You might have neighbors who would choose to pull down blinds, build a high (or taller) fence, or simply stop using your own backyard – or you might have neighbors who would welcome your hot tubs by pointing binoculars in your direction or photographing you from their property and posting photos or videos on social media.

This is quite a complicated legal issue, but if your neighbors can easily see you from their property without looking out a window or fence, your right to privacy is less certain.

Dear Amy: My wife and I were close friends with a married couple we’d known since we all grew up together.

However, my wife and the other woman had not spoken to each other for six years. While we all agree that the friend was “over the top” on many occasions, she apologized twice. My wife just can’t forgive her.

My husband and I still maintain a close friendship, staying in touch by phone and e-mail (since we live in different states).

My problem is that their granddaughter is getting married soon and we have been invited to a wedding. My wife refuses to go, saying that her friend has hurt her badly and that I would be disloyal if I went there.

I want to be there for my friend, but I don’t know if that would be disloyal to my wife.

This wedding is in a different state and would require two nights for me.

My friend would totally understand if I didn’t go, but I worry that I shouldn’t let my wife dictate my actions like this.

Any suggestions?

Thinking about getting married

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