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They found only Sarah Gal’s fans and made her life a hell.

S.Ara and Matt Gal wanted to start again. So, in the spring of 2019, they gathered their three young children, packed all their belongings, and moved to Lithia, a small suburb of Tampa, Florida. Less than a year after their arrival, however, things began to move south. COVID hit. Then Matt, a delivery driver, was injured, which reduced his salary. If all this was not enough, a pipe burst in his house, flooding it. With her options limited, Sarah, a former salon owner, turned to social media.

She gathered tens of Instagram followers after she went viral on Tik Tok, and many of them asked her the same question: Do you only have fans?

“It all happened together,” Sarah told the Daily Beast. “At the time, I was just like that, I only heard about the fans and now I’m following all those followers on my Instagram. I wonder what it is?”

It didn’t take long for 29-year-old Sarah to realize how lucrative it was. Only fans can be for it.. In June 2020, he withdrew 7,000 a weekend.

“We were like, Holy cow“I was making more than a month at my husband’s job,” she recalls. Makes about 30 30,000 a month..) “And it was at the same time that my sons and daughter started with the football organization.”

Sarah and Matt’s three children دو two boys, ages 4 and 6, and a 7-year-old daughter داخلہ enrolled in the Pine Crust Pilots Youth Football and Cheerleading Program, where Matt became one of the football coaches. Serve from The pilots’ “vision” is: “to see everyone as an organization that works right at all times, not because of their own interests or coaching ambitions, but because we see it as the key to our youth and organizational integrity.” We do it in the best interest. ”

Shortly after the program began in July, Sarah reached out to Barry Coggins, the pilots’ chairing coach, to see if she needed any help.

“After introducing myself as my daughter’s parent, she introduced me to all my societies,” says Sarah. “And then the whole atmosphere changed with the organization. I got some eyes and people stopped talking to me and my husband. Then, I saw more and more parents started following me on Instagram.” And I was fine, everyone Knows. ”

It wasn’t just Kogan’s cold that rubbed him wrong.

“Another mother told me, ‘Hey, your daughter is being treated really differently here,'” Sarah recalls. “My daughter was a flyer, and they will leave her on purpose.”

The other mother, whom we call Amanda – she wants a nickname for fear of revenge – had a daughter in the pilots’ cheerleading program and, although she was not friends with Sarah, was forced to tell her about herself. Felt What was she looking at

“There was a conversation between her and the chair coach until the chair coach found out what he had done,” says Amanda. “I think things went downhill from there. Her daughter began to be treated differently – which I witnessed for myself, and that was it. Rough. ”

One day, Sarah’s daughter – again, only 7 years old – came home crying from the chairing practice.

“He asked us, ‘What are acne?’ And I asked her why she was asking this. She said, ‘Because the coach said I have acne and he told all the other girls to stay away from me because it’s a contagious disease. [Coggins and the Pilots did not respond to requests for comment.]

Sarah decided to contact Kogan and asked what was going on.

“The response I got was very dangerous,” said Sarah. “She was basically, I’m the coach and I’ll do what I want. It was a kind of threat.” So, I went to the president and asked what was going on, and he said, ‘You ‘S daughter is out of the happy team. Don’t come back We will refund your money.

According to Sarah and Matt, the pilots will allow Sarah’s daughter to remain on the team if she signs a strict “zero tolerance agreement” stating that she will not allow anyone involved in the Kogens or Happiness. Contact will not be allowed. Troops that she will not be allowed to participate in the exercises will not be able to share “any negative comments” about the pilots’ program on social media. And that she would “personally apologize to the bad guys.” “Matters escalated to the point where instead of talking to her, she found out that she wasn’t allowed to go there anymore – which was a surprise to me, because Sarah was always there and kept a lot of things to herself.” . “It wasn’t difficult for them as a couple, but they were. Children Endured. It was terrible. ”

“It was a difficult time for Sarah,” explained Ivan Bermudez, her neighbor and loyalist. “How do you tell parents you can’t practice or come to games, you know? That’s not right.”

It was a difficult time for Sarah. How do you tell your parents you can’t practice or come to games, you know? it’s not fair.

The ban against Sarah was issued on September 22, 2020. The Daily Beast has seen a copy of the “Zero Tolerance Agreement” as well as text messages between Sarah Gal and Barry Coggins confirming Sarah’s account.

Matt, who was still coaching the pilots’ football team, took him to the president of the organization. “Look, we support our coaches, but your wife can’t stay if you want your children to stay,” he said. He is not allowed on the field, he is not allowed to practice, and he is not allowed to talk to any coach, “Matt recalls.

Sarah added, “It created a rift between us, because Matt thought something had happened and I didn’t do anything wrong. It honestly felt like a witch hunt, because no one else in the organization went through it.” Was

One week after the ban, his 4-year-old son was cut off from the pilots’ soccer team. Realizing that she had enough, Sarah pulled her daughter out of the chair. But Matt was still coaching his 6-year-old son in football – until the first week of November, when things really came to a head.

During a game, one of the other pilots’ coaches confronts Matt and shakes him, saying, “You’re a wife … that’s why none of us want you here.”

“I heard he brought out what he did to make a living, and that’s when. [Matt] One kind lost its inferiority because it was his wife, and it was inappropriate and irrelevant. “It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“I took my son and we left,” says Matt.

Although their pine crust pilots were tested a year ago, Sarah and Matt have been worried about it ever since.

“It was such a difficult thing – and so painful – that we suppressed it as much as we could, and then we started thinking about it and asking, ‘ Who goes through this thing.? Sarah asked

Sarah and Matt say they have been denied service at their local restaurant and Sarah no longer goes to the grocery store, preferring to order her food online and avoid decisive action. They moved their children to a charter school, and the family plans to move out of Lithia next year.

“When I’m not working, I’m Sarah Gall. I’m a mother and I’m a wife, and I should have looked at it the way I do, instead of describing myself as a human being.” Was really devastated because if people knew my heart, and had a chance to meet me and give me a chance, they would see that I was someone who did everything possible to give my children an amazing life. I’m doing. “

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