Here are some take-aways from Miami Dolphins’ incredible win over the Buffalo Bills at the Hard Rock stadium:

You have to play to the end

As the Dolphins were leading 21-17, Thomas Morstead shot a punt from his own end zone to the rear of Trent Sherfield’s teammate, reducing the Dolphins’ lead to 21-19 from 1:33 to the end. Morstead helped save the day with his free kick that made it to the 6-yard line at Buffalo and was turned back to Bill’s 23-yard line. Buffalo needed a winning goal from the game and the Dolphin defense held up. – Chris Perkins

Dolphin play-off chance is now 76%

Dolphins, according to the NFL, have a 76% chance of being promoted to the playoffs starting 3-0 in a 17-game season. Of course, Delfiny started 3-0 in 2013 and 2018 and missed the playoffs, but this 3-0 start is of a different nature. Not only are expectations higher, but the team is also becoming better equipped to deal with changing expectations. The Dolphins face a tough game in Cincinnati on Thursday, but if you follow the draws, the Dolphins are 2-0 against AFC East and 3-0 against AFC.

The dolphin offensive is still finding itself

The Dolphins offensive has scored no more than seven points in any quarter this season, other than an impressive 28 points in the fourth quarter at Baltimore. The Dolphins looked like they would att*ck secondary Buffalo, who missed three starters a week ago (all pros Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde and defender Dane Jackson). But it didn’t. Tyreek Hill’s wide dolphin receivers (two receptions, 33 yards) and Jaylen Waddle (four receptions, 102 yards) made a relatively low contribution given their happy moments earlier this season.

The dolphin defense is still spinning

Safety Jevon Holland had a strip-sack on quarterback Bill Josh Allen, which defender Melvin Ingram recovered on the Bill’s 6-yard line. The Dolphins started the day tenth in forced-loss three. The Dolphins defense held Buffalo a reasonable score (17) and had a decent overall score, limiting both Allen (42 out of 63, 400 yards, two touchdowns, 94.7 passers-by) and Stefan Diggs’ wide receiver (seven receptions, 74 yards) .

Tua leaves for a moment, then returns, answering questions about persistence

Playmaker Tua Tagovailoa, whose stamina has been called into question, has shown some stamina when his bell seemed to rang late in the second quarter. Tagovailoa was pushed down by linebacker Matt Milano, and it looked like he had hit his head to the ground. Tagovailoa stood up for a moment, swayed, then descended to the ground and went to the locker room with the coaches. Tagovailoa only missed three games (spare Teddy Bridgewater was 0 for 2) and returned to the start of the third quarter. Of course, with Skylar Thompson’s third quarterback team inactive, the Dolphins avoided a potentially upsetting situation. It is unclear who would be Bridgewater’s support.

Shuffle the right gear

The Dolphins showed some depth in a right tackle again, going down four and doing well against the likes of Bills, Von Miller and Greg Rousseau. When starter Greg Little fell in the second quarter with a visible toe injury, Larnel Coleman was replaced. But when Little came out again in the third quarter, right-back Robert Hunt moved to right tackle and Robert Jones was put on right guard. You could say Hunt was the fourth team considering Austin Jackson (ankle) was the opening starter, Little was his support and Coleman was his backup. Little finally came back and ended the game.

Crossen allows tank destroyers to be spared by showing greater secondary depth

Keion Crossen’s cornerback, possibly on the pitch as Xavien Howard was being treated for cramps, showed off the depth of the Dolphins bend as he rebounded what should have been accepting a touchdown, saving four points. Bill’s wide receiver, Gabe Davis, defeated Crossen in the third quarter for an 11-yard touchdown. But Crossen kicked the ball from Davis’ hands in the last second. Buffalo finished kicking from 30 yards to the lead 17-14. But considering Howard and Byron Jones (still on the list of physically unable to perform) have been sidelined, the Dolphins showed good depth and fortitude against one of the NFL’s best offenses.

Bills fans know how to get tickets

Buffalo fans known as the Bills Mafia filled the Hard Rock Stadium. Bills fans could account for as much as 35% of the crowd, and maybe even 40%. It was an impressive performance by a group that usually travels well, and even more impressive considering the Dolphins sold out their pass ranks. Bill’s fans still found a way to get tickets.

Melvin Ingram is strength

Ingram influenced the game between two sacks, a forced fumble, a recovered fumble, and an advantage setting (including run-in play). Ingram had 6 yards touchdowns on the fumble in the opening game against New England. Although Jaelan Phillips started slowly, Ingram was there to put some energy into the game on the Dolphins Edge.

Dolphins sit at the top of the hot AFC East rivalry

Dolphins (3-0) are at the top of AFC East. Of course, the battle was so even it could be argued that the Dolphins or Bills are the best team in the division right now. But the dolphins won, so they are the current kings. Both teams had problems with injuries in Sunday’s match, the Bill’s injuries were more serious than those of the Dolphins. Either way, this duel sparked more intrigue ahead of their December rematch.

Dolphins have not seen such a 3-0 start since Dan Marino’s game

Miami started 3-0 in 2018, 2013 and 2002, but the last time they started by winning their first three games against at least two league games was in 1998, when Marino played from his second to final year. The only coach to start 4-0 for the Dolphins team is Don Shula. His teams have accomplished this feat six times in 26 seasons of dolphin training (1995, 1992, 1984, 1981, 1979 and 1972). – Steve Svekis

Dolphin Defense had two games in the opening minutes that Miami hadn’t seen against Josh Allen

First, the 250-pound Ingram was alone on the island in the left apartment in Dolphins 2 and Allen was racing towards him at full speed. Somehow, Ingram stayed square and put Allen on the ground for losing a yard for what was technically a sack. Bills’s quarterback behemoth is never in danger of scoring points in this situation. However, here was Ingram putting a huge marker on how strong the defensive effort from the aqua-orange would be. Then Jevon Holland – a week after a pulling guard fight that stopped near the goal line in Baltimore – entered Allen for a strip bag that gave the Dolphins first touchdown. The defense, which had a good first half against Buffalo last year, played a full game that brought the Bill back to their realm after years of Allen and Buffalo dominance.

You see something new every day

In my 47th year of watching the NFL, I don’t remember seeing a team’s offensive tackle actually triggering the first halftime break and his side losing. This is what Terron Armstead did in the fourth quarter. Dolphins did next to take the lead 21-17. Then it was game two, in the same quarter… safety as the punt bounces off the punter team.

Stunning stat from the Baltimore miracle, part 1

As Hill collapsed his 190 receiving yards and Waddle his 171, for the first time in more than 10 years, each of his teammates caught 171 yards of passing in a game. This happened on September 16, 2012, when Giants’ Hakeem Nicks (199) and Victor Cruz (179) did so against the Buccaneers at MetLife Stadium. The only other time this has been done on the road during the Super Bowl era (since 1966) was 50 years ago, and also in Baltimore. On September 24, 1972, Rich Caster of the New York Jets (204) and Eddie Bell (197) did so.

Stunning stats from the Baltimore miracle, part 2

Dolphins became the first team to win a match losing by at least 21 points 14 minutes left and lost the match when they won by at least 21 with as little time left on the clock (up 30-7 over the Jets on the Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, in 2000). Tampa Bay have lost two games in which they were leading with at least 21 points after three quarters, and Dallas have won two, losing by at least 21 points as he approached the fourth quarter.

Playoffs vs Bills Tyreek Hill vs Regular Season vs Bills Tyreek Hill

Hill, who wiped out Buffalo in the past two seasons (20 caught 322 yards – 16.1 yards to catch – and a touchdown in two wins) had other experiences before the calendar turns to January. Hill’s performance in his four regular season games against Buffalo: nineteen catches for 157 yards (8.3 yards per reception) and zero touchdowns. His teams improved to 2-2 in those matches.

Dry September Jaelan Phillips

The former University of Miami player played six professional games in September. In these approximately 220 defensive snaps, Phillips scored no bags and only one knockout of the playmaker and one rush. Defensive Dolphins Hall of Fame defender Jason Taylor, however, has shown the patience value of the thinner, angular pass-rusher. Taylor started his career with just 17 bags in his first 46 games. And neither of these bags forced fumble, the game he became known for, because in the next 125 games he terrorized offensives, scoring 100 sacks and 34 forced fumbles, scoring six tries and three safe. Still, it’s early truth that the first month of the season was dry for Phillips.

On board: At Cincinnati Bengals, Paycor Stadium, Thursday, 8:15 pm

Dolphins head to southern Ohio for a short week with tons of “house money” in their pockets, at 3-0 and – incredibly – arguably the best team in soccer. Joe Burrow starts week 4, averaging 5.3 times per game in his last six competitions, with loads of extra hits as he threw passes.


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