Thoughts sought on Strensall and Towthorpe Neighborhood Plans

The residents of Strensall and Tothorpe are being invited to give their views on local planning matters.

The City of York Council is petitioning after Streisall along with Towthorpe Parish Council formally submitted Streisall with the Towthorpe Neighborhood Plan for examination this month.

As the local planning authority, the town council is advising the parish council on the preparation of plans, the purpose of which is to guide planning issues in the community.

Before the plan is submitted to the city council for examination, parish councils should seek the views of people who live, work and do business in the area. This period started last Monday and lasts till 5 pm on Friday 7 January.

Plans should consider national planning policy, generally be in line with strategic policies on development planning for the region and meet EU obligations and human rights requirements. This will be tested in an independent examination followed by counselling.

York’s local plan was submitted for examination on May 25, 2018 and straddles with the Towthorpe Neighborhood plan, designed to suit the emerging local plan.

You can find more information about neighborhood planning online at the parish and city council websites. Responses can be emailed to

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