Birmingham Police, Al. On Friday, she removed a suspicious backpack in front of the synagogue, where a burning propane tank was also found.

Police spokesman Truman Fitzgerald told the Daily News it was unclear if the two findings were related.

“We can say that the actual contents of the backpack were not explosives,” said Fitzgerald. “These two instances can be combined.”

It was also unclear, according to Fitzgerald, whether there was anything illegal in the presence or contents of the backpack, but the burning propane tank is likely a criminal activity.

“These two are separate instances, but they happened in a matter of hours,” he said. “We’re working to see if they’re connected.”

Birmingham police tweeted Friday morning that they were “at the scene of an unattended parcel near Temple Beth-El.”

The fuel tank is said to have been repaired about an hour before the temple service was held. Less than an hour after the service ended, the backpack was uncovered.

Southern Jewish Life magazine tweeted a photo of a tanned propane tank on Friday afternoon. reported in July that a historic sign reminding us of the failed attempt to destroy the Beth-El temple with 58 sticks of dynamite in 1958 was erected in front of the synagogue. These explosives didn’t explode either. This unexplained incident is believed to have been directed against Jewish leaders who participated in the civil rights movement.

A WHBM reporter in Alabama posted a video of police vehicles carefully removing a “suspicious backpack” in the center of Friday’s fear to an undisclosed location.

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This local station reported that around 8:30 a.m. the chief of security for the local Jewish federation informed local law enforcement and the FBI about a suspicious package in the bushes outside the synagogue. Fitzgerald called the contents of the backpack “alarming” without giving any further details.

Many anti-Semitic comments and actions have been reported in recent weeks – most notably comments from a rapper formerly known as Kanye West, who claimed he intended to switch to “Death 3 on the Jewish population.”

Then followed a series of anti-Jewish comments by the performer “Gold Digger”, who lost many interests as a result of his actions.

In other cases, men wearing Nazi uniforms have been spotted in lower Manhattan and Madison, Wisc. on Halloween weekend. Network star Kyrie Irving was slapped with a five-game suspension after promoting a film expressing anti-Jewish sentiment. He has since apologized.

The Newark FBI office on Thursday issued a warning that it had received “credible information about a wide-ranging threat to New Jersey synagogues.” The office tweeted on Friday that it had found the source of the threat and said it “no longer poses a threat to the community.”

Mayor Adams said Friday law enforcement officials in New York City are monitoring the situation in New Jersey while taking active steps in five boroughs.

“So far there are no credible threats against synagogues in New York, but due to extreme caution you will notice an increased police presence in our Jewish community and places of worship,” the mayor wrote on Twitter.

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