Singer Taylor Swift’s fans are blushing after Ticketmaster annulled her public ticket sale for her upcoming tour. The company cited “extremely high requirements” and “insufficient ticket stocks to meet this demand” to cancel tickets that were due to go on sale on Friday.

“I never imagined how crazy this whole process was,” said Amber Garis, who is a fan of Swift. “Obviously it wasn’t meant to be if we didn’t get the tickets, but we’re nervous.”

Garis said she was unable to buy tickets during Tuesday’s pre-sale, so she anxiously awaited her Friday shot to see her favorite artist with her best friend.

During Tuesday’s Taylor Swift Pre-Order | According to Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei of The Eras Tour, the Ticketmaster website was expected to open to 1.5 million verified Swift fans. He said 14 million people tried their luck at tickets instead, including bots.

Traffic on the site that day was four times higher than the previous Ticketmaster peak, with 15% of customers experiencing a site glitch that day. Based on unprecedented volume, the ticket company said Swift would need to perform more than 900 stadium shows – which would be a stadium show every night for the next two and a half years – to meet demand.

Ticketmaster said it would not resell Swift’s concerts, but other websites do, with some tickets fetching tens of thousands of dollars.

While trying to purchase resale tickets, fan Sydney Wallace said she was hit with a $11,000 bill on the Seatgeek ticketing app, but never received the tickets and said her credit cards were frozen. She said Seatgeek would refund her money in three to five days, but she’s unsure if she’ll be attending the concert right now.

“They knew the demand in advance,” she said of the ticketing companies. “They knew what the site traffic was going to be and created an environment where no one really had a chance.

Technical issues are the latest development in an ongoing fight between Congress, fans and Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster and its parent company Live Nation have come under antitrust scrutiny since their 2010 merger, when they bundled tickets, promotions, concerts and management under one umbrella and became the only big player in the concert game.

This week, lawmakers including Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti reiterated calls for the company to break up.

“We see a situation where people try to use a service and they don’t get the product they paid for, the product they were promised,” Skrmetti said. “And that may indicate that there isn’t enough competition in the market.”

In a letter to Live Nation’s CEO, Senator Amy Klobuchar wrote that the company “continues to abuse its market position” and that its strength “isolates it from the competitive pressures that typically push companies to innovate and improve their services.”

“This can result in dramatic service outages where consumers pay the price,” the Minnesota Democrat wrote.

And that price has taken on a double meaning as the overall cost of concert tickets has also skyrocketed by almost 18% since 2019.

CBS News contacted Live Nation and Ticketmaster about the lawmakers’ allegations of monopoly, but received no response.

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