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Time is running out for Donald Trump to be charged with paying Hurricane Daniels for his sex hash money.

At the end of this month, October 27, officially marks the fifth year since then-presidential candidate Donald Trump secretly paid his personal lawyer to the porn star. Storm Daniels.. And more than an incredible mark on how fast and slow time can go, it’s also an important legal deadline.

Federal prosecutors in New York’s Southern District successfully shut down the Trump fixer who drafted the deal. Michael Cohen, Who was Three years’ imprisonment He was jailed for money laundering charges but never went after Trump himself, although the government made it clear in the Cohen case that Trump was behind it all.

The government’s now-infamous sentencing memo states that Cohen “worked with Individual-1 and under his direction,” meaning Trump. And subsequent revelations and give Tell everyone Books Clarified this crystal.

But there is a five-year law limiting violations of federal election law – and some believe the Fed is taking too long to indict Trump.

I lay there, annoyed that I had to fuck a guy with eight pubs and a mushroom character-like dick in a Mario cart. She has an unusual penis. It has a large mushroom head. Like a toad stool.

Storm Daniels.

“I’m not surprised. I’m disappointed. In fact, I’m bored,” Cohen told the Daily Beast on Tuesday. “I hate Republicans, because no matter what their supreme leader chooses to do, they make it legitimate.”

Cohen, who was. Soon released from prison. “No one is above the law,” he said, clearly reminding Democrats to spend the rest of their sentences under house arrest because of COVID-19 concerns.

“If this saying is true, then Trump, Alan Wesselberg, David Packer and others … should have been indicted as I was,” Cohen said.

It’s easy to forget the details of the scandal, five years after the hash payment – four of which were in Trump’s headlines. Fortunately, Stephanie Clifford – who goes by the stage name “Stormy Daniels” – mentioned the situation in her 2018 book, Full disclosure.

Trump met the pornographic actress at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course on July 13, 2006 during a charity event. Under the guise of taking her out for dinner, Trump invited her to his penthouse suite, where he remembered her congratulating Trump in black silk pajamas. Socks after hitting him for thinking about himself. Hugh Hefner. And sprinkling it with a magazine, a defeated Trump dressed and he spent the night talking – until he apologized to himself for breaking the bathroom and Trump hunted his prey on the edge of his hunting bed. Sat waiting for

He recalls in the book, “I lay there, angry that I was being fucked by a guy with an AT pub and a dick like a mushroom character in Mario Kart.” “It has an unusual penis. It has a big mushroom head. Like a toad stool.”

In his book, he called the two-minute session a “definition of bad sex.”

Real estate mogul Melania Trump has just given birth to her son Baron. Trump took the porn star out on a few more dates, jeopardizing his chances of appearing on TV.Those apprentices. The agreement never came into force.

Fast forward to the dwindling days of the 2016 presidential election. Daniels was about to sell his story to American Media Inc. National Inquirer. Cohen’s 2020 book, unfaithfulExplains how the “catch and kill” operation to squash the story ended.

He will use a shell company, which he incorporated into Delaware and later called it “Essential Consultants LLC”, to pay Daniels “as part of a project” in the most sensible and incurable way possible. From. Cohen has repeatedly said the plan was developed in close consultation with presidential candidate and Trump organization chief financial officer Alan Wesselberg, who now faces local criminal charges of tax fraud.

According to Cohen, Trump said, “That’s only $ 130,000.” Fuck, Michael. Go talk to Alan and find out. One hundred and thirty thousand is a lot less than what I have to pay Melania.

Alan Wesselberg later suggested, “We definitely don’t want any paperwork to go to the boss.”

Finally, Cohen made money by tapping the home equity line of credit at his family’s apartment on Trump Park Avenue. According to him, he wired Daniels’ میں 130,000 into a trust account managed by Beverly Hills’ lawyer, and in return, he got Daniels’ signed non-disclosure agreement. The Trump organization then reimbursed Cohen in the form of 11 checks distributed over a one-year period, totaling 420,000.

Thanks to Michael Cohen

When the books came out, Trump resorted. Calling Daniels “the face of the horse.” And using the White House press secretary. Call Cohen “infamous.”

But what would have been the real source of this action, the American lawyer in the Southern District of New York did nothing. There has been silence for years. And the office was ordered by a federal judge to acknowledge that the case was over. Finally, release the FBI documents. That Details of Trump’s involvement.

Is Trump still criminally responsible? And will it be too late to charge him? The Daily Beast posed questions to a dozen legal experts across the country.

Most agree that a five-year watch starts from the date of payment.

“If the Justice Department is going to charge Trump, it will do so this month before the Boundaries Act on key allegations of illegal large-scale partnerships,” said Paul S. Ryan, vice president of policy. And litigation in the government watchdog group Common Cause.

He should be held accountable as soon as possible. It’s been a while. it’s time.

Former federal prosecutor in Manhattan Richard Signorili.

Ryan’s signature is on two complaints, one. Federal Election Commission And the other DOJ, Who tried to hold Trump accountable for the money.

But other lawyers noted that Trump could be charged with violating election laws and continuing conspiracy to defraud the government – which would technically end when Cohen received his final check in December 2017, or When the Trump campaign failed to report hash payments. FEC

“The law of boundaries has really faltered, because … like a framed comic book, a lot of the action was captured as snapshots,” said Jessica A. Levinson, a law school professor at Livola Mary Mount University.

Trump could be convicted of conspiracy to violate the campaign’s financial laws, allegedly colluding with Cohen for payments, and his company for making illegal corporate contributions to Cohen’s check-cutting campaign. The reason may be. Professor of Law at the University of California-Irvine.

However, like other times, Trump can rely. Ignorance as a defense.

An associate professor at the University of Colorado said: “Whether Trump personally knows the financial rules of the election campaign or whether his direction to Judge Cohen is” intentional and deliberate. ” The tax will be considered a violation of certain provisions of the law. ” Law Douglas M. Spencer, who noted that Justice Department Special Adviser Robert Mueller similarly chose to oppose Donald Trump Jr. for organizing. Trump Tower Meeting Putting dirt on Hillary Clinton.

“Muller said he basically thought Trump was a rig tag operation that probably didn’t understand the campaign finance law. It’s possible that a judge would feel the same way about paying k 130k.” Spencer added.

Neither the Trump organization, nor Trump’s political camp, nor Wesselberg responded to the Daily Beast’s request for comment on Tuesday. A spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan also declined to comment.

But there are signs that any federal effort on the issue has long been dead. A person familiar with the investigation noted that while the witnesses had returned their electronic devices, federal agents would not do so until the investigation was completed.

Two former federal prosecutors told the Daily Beast that New York’s Southern District could not pursue the case for at least two reasons. First, the office does not consider Cohen a cooperative witness and may be reluctant to trust him. And second, some question whether the Department of Justice has a special office جو one that regularly handles high-profile cases. terrorist, The King of Drugs, And Pedophile financiers– Use your limited resources in a low-level case, even against a prominent person like Trump, when it is mobilized. Many legal hurdles.

Even if the law of limitations on key criminal charges is almost up, there is an argument that the clock should not have started until January 20 this year. As the world now knows, the Department of Justice is clinging to it. An internal policy-That is Not the real lawA sitting president cannot be indicted. “This clearly does not apply to former presidents,” said Kiara Torres Spelice, a law professor at Staten University.

No one forgave Trump. He should be prosecuted in this way. Finally, we can get an opinion from the court as to whether the presidential immunity during his tenure from the prosecution tolls otherwise the applicable law of limits.

But Richard Signorili, a former federal prosecutor in Manhattan who worked mostly on drugs and financial crimes in the early ’90s, said authorities should not take any chances to make an arrest.

“She must be held accountable as soon as possible. It’s been a long time. The time has come,” said Signorili.

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