Today’s news headlines: Nphet plans to ground kids under 12 for two weeks; Health Minister ‘deeply concerned’ about new COVID version

Children under 12 should avoid indoor settings in Shock Call by Nuffet

Children under 12 have been asked to avoid indoor settings for the next two weeks under Shock’s new recommendations National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet).

Health minister ‘deeply concerned’ about what could be the worst strain of virus yet

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly is “deeply concerned” about the emergence of a New Covid-19 version in Southern Africa,

Thousands claim lower value on homes in property tax reforms

Most people have now filed property returns, but thousands of owners claim their assetsThe valuation of properties is low.

The Indo Daily: No More Sleeps! – Story of The Late Late Toy Show

No more sleep! Story of Late Late Toy Show

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O’Brien survives Judgment Day as his housing plan gets the green light from the Central Bank

Yesterday was a good day for Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien, as the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) said it would adjust its mortgage measures to allow commercial banks to participate in their partnership. Controversial Shared Equity Scheme,

Travelers must show negative COVID test as Portugal returns to COVID restrictions

Portugal is bringing back some stringent pandemic restrictions, less than two months after eliminating most of them When the target of vaccination against Kovid-19 was achieved to 86 percent of the population.

‘It feels like Groundhog Day’ – Drogheda grapples with highest Covid-19 rates in country as local testing capacity feels strain

As infection rates rise across Ireland, Drogheda t. area remainsthe highest infection rate, Its 14-day rate of 2,415 cases per 100,000 is more than double the national average.

Anti-vaxxer campaigner fined for breach of sanctions after bid to sue state

An anti-vaccination campaigner wearing a velvet purple cape told a judge that did not accept the jurisdiction of the court And wanted to personally “charge” both the judge and the prosecutors.

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