Wordle has exploded in popularity since it was released a little over a year ago and continues to test enthusiasts with word puzzles.

One main reason WordleThe success is its simplicity, which allows novices to get started quickly.

Each day, players are tasked with guessing a five-letter word in six or fewer tries using a color coding system.

In the game, the green tile indicates that the letter is correct and in the right place. Yellow means the letter is right but in the wrong place, and gray means it’s not in the word at all.

A friend of the photographer plays Wordle on January 12, 2022 in New York. Wordle has millions of daily active users.

I’m talking to Newsweek In January, developer Josh Wardle said he first developed the game during the coronavirus blockade “for me and my partner.”

Soon Wordle it has gone from an intimate experience with just a dozen players to a worldwide phenomenon with millions of active users.

Then the New York Times stepped in to buy it Wordle for an undefined seven-figure sum, although you can still play for free via their website.

Wordle The popularity has inspired many other online puzzle games, such as geography-based games Worldwide and Nerdle for math fans.

The answer to today’s puzzle will be made available to readers at the end of this article, so please scroll carefully if you want to solve it yourself.

Luckily for those in need of help Newsweek offered some tips and tricks on how to solve today’s mystery.

Wordle No. 512 Tips and Tricks for Sunday, November 13

Hint # 1: Today’s answer is an adjective, although it can also be used as a noun.

Hint # 2: The answer has one set of repeating letters.

Hint # 3: Wordle’s answer today starts with “me.”

Hint # 4: Some synonyms for this word are “stupid”, “stupid” and “stupid”.

Hint # 5: The answer ends with “E”.

Wordle # 512 Reply to Sunday, November 13

Answer for today Wordle it’s “Inane.”

It was difficult, although the fact that there was one set of repeating letters helped a little. Did you solve it? If so, congratulations.

But if not, you don’t need to worry because Wordle will reset at 7:00 PM EST, giving players a new chance to find an answer.

What does “inane” mean?

According to Merriam-Webster, nonsense means “meaningless, meaningless or pointless.”

How do you use the word “inane” in the sentence: “How could something so stupid affect my decisions?”

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