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Tom Brady, Lamar Jackson jump. Where is lance

The biggest peak ever is back.

Or has always been.

Tampa Bay Buckner’s Tom Brady and Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson’s monster performances have pushed them to the top two in this week’s quarterback power rankings.

Let’s come to this:

1. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay (in Philadelphia) Last week: 5.

Brady passed 411 yards and five touchdowns in a 45-17 win over Miami. This is the first time he has crossed 400 yards and passed five TDs in a game in his career. At age 44. This is out of the question at the moment.

2. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore (vs. LA Chargers) Last week: 9.

Guess we can comfort them with the question “Can Jackson win with his arm”. After trailing 25-9, they led their team to a 31-25 victory over Indianapolis. There were 37 of 43 for 442 yards, four touchdowns and no interruptions in front of the national Monday night audience. Oh, and he ran for 62 yards on 14 carries. That’s 504 yards of total crime.

3. Aaron Rogers, Green Bay (in Chicago) Last week: 2.

Completed 27 of 39 passes, two touchdowns and one interception for 344 yards in a 25-22 overtime win against Cincinnati but it wasn’t one of his best games. Relying too heavily on Mason Crosby’s field goal effort cost the Packers almost nothing.

4. Justin Herbert, LA Chargers (in Baltimore) Last week: 7.

What’s new with Herbert? Only 26 points in 47-42 win over Cleveland in the fourth quarter. There were 26 of 43 for 398 yards, four touchdowns, no interruptions. Which of you reached out to tell Herbert that he was too low? You were right.

5. Josh Allen, Buffalo (Tennessee) Last week: 6.

He had a great night out playing Patrick Mahmoz, 15 of 26 passes for 315 yards and three touchdowns and 11 runs for 59 yards and a second score. 61, 53 and 35 yards were completed. Bills are running at 4-1.

6. Keller Murray, Arizona (in Cleveland) Last week: 1.

Murray’s side are 5-0 up, but they looked deadly against the 49ers (23 of 239 yards), scoring just 17 points, and seem to have a problem with their right arm in the second half.

7. Patrick Mahmoz, Kansas City (in Washington) Last week: 3.

Mahmoz is throwing a very careless pass late, and he has completed 33 of 54 passes in 272 yards, two touchdowns and two picks to give the Buffalo a 38-20 loss. He ran eight times to 61 yards. It was never a plan.

8. Doc Prescott, Dallas (in New England) Last week: 4.

As ridiculous as it sounds, the Cowboys dropped a lot of yards and points on the field in the 44-20 victory over the New York Giants. Prescott was 22 out of 32 for three touchdowns and one pick. Dallas bowled 39 times for 201 yards, which made his life much easier.

9. Matt Stafford, LA Rams (at the New York Giants) Last week: 10 p.m.

One tried to throw, which was picked up by Condre Daggs against Seattle, but Stafford returned Arizona with a big loss. He was 27 out of 35 and touch down for 365 yards. Robert Woods, Cooper Cup, DJ Jackson are all hurting as receivers.

10. Baker Mayfield, Cleveland (vs. Arizona) Last week: 13.

Hard with a quarterback who was 23 out of 32 for 305 yards, two touchdowns and no picks. The problem was that he was on the field like Herbert in a 47-42 loss. And he’s playing with his left shoulder. Don’t make yourself a child, it’s important to run the ball down the field.

11. Ben Rothlesburger, Pittsburgh (vs. Seattle) Last week: 24.

So what do you know Private Harris runs for 122 yards on 23 carries, the Steelers run him over 35 runs, 25 passes and suddenly Big Ben becomes effective again. 15 of 253 yards were 15, two touchdowns and no interruptions.

12. James Winston, New Orleans (in Washington) Last week: 19.

Coach Sean Payton is proving that he took Drew Bryce as much as Bryce picked him up. Winston was just 15 of 30 but won 33-22 over Washington for 279 yards and four touchdowns. New Orleans is 3-2 while Patton underwent a major change in the quarterback.

13. Joe Bro, Cincinnati (in Detroit) Last week: 15.

Aaron Rogers competed against Green Bay on relatively even terms, completing 26 of 38 passes for 281 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions in a 25-22 overtime loss. But his overtime pick was a killer, setting winning points for the Packers.

14. Derek Carr, Las Vegas (Denver) Last week: 11.

Feeling the effects of a shaky offensive line and not playing on a large scale, the car doesn’t look like the guy who had a 3-0 raid. For 206 yards, 22 out of 35 and the Bears had to stop at a loss of 20-9. Dismissed three times, faced with a lot of pressure. And now the man who taught him everything he knows about playing quarterback has resigned.

15. Ryan Tan Hale, Tennessee (vs. Buffalo) Last week: 14.

This is usually a good day for Tan Hale when he hands the ball to Derek Henry (29 balls, 130 yards, 3 TD), passes far more (14 out of 22, 197 yards, 1 T) D). The Titans beat Jacksonville 37-19.

16. Matt Ryan, Atlanta (Farewell) Last week: 16.

Completed 33 of 45 passes for 342 yards, two touchdowns and no obstacles to victory over the Jets. Competition doesn’t matter.

17. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota (in Carolina) Last week: 17.

Another solid, labor-intensive game (34 out of 25, 275 yards, 1 TD, 1 puck) that didn’t have an explosive result but completed the work with a 19-17 victory over Detroit. His 19-yard pass was passed by Adam Thelin, who left Greg Joseph’s game-winning 53-yard field goal with three seconds left.

18. Carson Wentz, Indianapolis (vs. Houston) Last week: 26.

The Colts were crushed 1-4 after taking a 25-9 lead against Baltimore, but they had to feel much better about Ventz. For the first time, he resembled the guy who was considered the star of the future in Philadelphia, completing 25 of 352 402 yards, two touchdowns and no hurdles against the Ravens.

19. Sam Darnald, Carolina (vs. Minnesota) Last Week: 12.

A big step back for Darnold with three interceptions and a 21-18 loss to the Eagles at 21 of 37 for just 177 yards. One of his interventions brought the jets back to flashback.

20. Teddy Bridge Water, Denver (vs. Raid) Last week: 18.

As the schedule tightens, Bridgewater has lost some of its luster. Pittsburgh had 24 of 38 for 288 yards and Pittsburgh had a gap of 27-19, but the Broncos did not reach the closing zone until the fourth quarter when it was too late.

21. Mc Jones, New England (vs. Dallas) Last week: 20.

The slow and steady race wins. The Patriots also played him with Jones and helped him to a 25-22 victory over Houston. The final drive (15 plays, 84 yards) led to Nick Fook’s game-winning field goal. There were 23 of 31 for 231 yards, a TD and a pick.

22. Galen Hurtz, Philadelphia (vs. Tampa Bay) Last week: 21.

Not a very fruitful day as a passerby (198 of 198 yards, 198 yards, an interception) but he ran on a short field drive (27 yards) with a 6-yard run that led the Eagles to 21-over Carolina. Conquered by 18. .

23. Jared Goff, Detroit (vs. Cincinnati) Last week: 22.

The season has all the qualities of a guard that the lion decides in the end is the quarterback of the future. 21 of 35 passes for 203 yards and an intercept were in a position to win until the last-second field goal against the Vikings.

24. Daniel Jones, New York Giants (vs. LA Rams) Last Week: 23.

After completing 5 of 13 passes for 98 yards, he lost to Dallas 44-20. Mike Glenn finished and was 16 of 25 for 196 yards with a touchdown but two interceptions.

25. Justin Fields, Chicago (vs. Green Bay) Last Week: 29.

Want to see how a shopkeeper can properly manage a quarterback if sports conditions allow? Look no further than Matt Nagy and the Bear. Fields was 12 of 20 for 111 yards, a touchdown and no more than 18 yards. so what? The bear bowled 37 times and never backed down against the raiders.

26. TRENLINS, 49ERS (BY) Last week: 27.

Definitely passed the eye test, but not the productivity test. Impressive as a runner-up, but the 49ers scored just one touchdown and field goal in nine overs. It’s interesting to see what goodbye Saturday brings.

27. Zach Wilson, New York Jets (in Atlanta) Last week: 28.

Couldn’t copy last week’s magic against Tennessee. 19 of 32 in 192 yards, no touchdown against Atlanta. The fact that none of the Jets’ runners gained more than nine yards did not help and they averaged 3.6 as a team.


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