Treasure Hunter Finds ‘Bridgeton’-Era Ring in a River

bridgerton The fever is at an all-time high since the much-anticipated second season of the Netflix show dropped in March.

The period drama, set in the Regency era, follows high society in London’s affluent neighborhood, Ton, as they vie for influence and favor and attempt to secure the love match of the season.

File photo of Ring and the “Bridgeton” poster. One woman said she found a Georgian-era ring while doing Mudlark.
Mr. Sutin Yukrang/Getty Images/IMDB

Georgian drama is set among grand city houses, spacious grounds and a distinctive wardrobe of top hats and coattails, empire-line dresses, gloves, fans, and glittering jewelry.

While the actors are undoubtedly wearing replicas, what a treasure hunter has claimed is a real 18th-century ring.

Claire was mud-slinging in the River Thames in London when she made the incredible discovery, admitting that she was very impressed with the piece she was wearing.

She posted a clip of the incredible discovery on TikTok, under which @ mudlarkslast week, where footage of the discovery alone has been viewed more than 400,000 times, and can be viewed Here,

Claire also shared pictures of the ring on Instagram, @ mudlarksAfter cleaning it up, and he set about the incredible discovery.

She wrote: “Clicking with the Georgian/Regency era, we were lucky enough to see this dazzling delight, just waiting in the sandstone pavements for some modern day light!

“So how can we tell it’s Georgian/Regency? Stone – This is a rose cut foil backed paste, very popular in the Georgian era and utterly brilliant, valued just like a diamond. So rose cut Together with the stone it was designed for maximum brightness and we create beautiful hypnotic imagery by candlelight.

“Also, there is a closed back inside which you can see in the video, the stone is attached, again very common in Georgian times whereas Victorian ornaments would have been open.

“So is it gold? At first we didn’t think it was because there were traces of tarnish, but they used a lot of lead solder which turns black so now we have to take it to a job jeweler and get it.” Will have to check thoroughly.”

And she added: “I (Claire) have to admit that I wore it all day that day and it was such a pleasure to finally bring it back to life.”

The clip shows the banks of the River Thames with a gold circle in the mud. After digging up the silt, the new owner washed it in water and showed it to the camera.

TikTokers were jealous of the incredible discovery, as avilsnoflex commented: “Someone’s heart broke the day they lost it. Amazing find.”

LoveyLoveisLovley wrote: “I’ll keep this forever.”

Amani commented: “What a solid link to the past.”

GhostOut420 said: “It’s the discovery of a lifetime right there.”

Hannabackwards said: “Imagine who threw that in there, I’m sure.”

While the zombienaps said: “I’ll pretend I was in bridgerton,

And revealing what she does with her other finds, Claire added: “We’ve turned our home into a mini museum, showcasing all kinds of weird and wonderful oddities from our past.”

The Netflix show is definitely the diamond of the streamer’s catalogue, with Shondaland’s production of its most-watched series.

A blog post on the Netflix website revealed that the romantic drama has been ranked at the top in 83 countries, including the US, UK, Brazil, France, India and South Africa, after its release.

Describing the show as its “biggest series ever”, the site said: “A record 82 million homes worldwide opted to watch. bridgerton in its first 28 days. And the show has made it to the top ten in every country except Japan…

“success of bridgerton books inspired the new York Times Best seller list published for the first time and 18 years later.

The Netflix show, based on the novels by Julia Quinn, first debuted on our screens in 2020, and last year it was confirmed that the series would return for seasons 3 and 4.

newsweek Claire reached out for comment.

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