Daily program Host Trevor Noah has announced he plans to quit the show, sparking speculation over who might replace it.

Noah announced in a video message that his time on the show was up common on Twitter Thursday night. South African comedian who replaced Daily programLongest-running host Jon Stewart called his “journey” on the show “absolutely amazing” in 2015, but said he would like more time to explore other interests that clash with his host responsibilities.

“I realized that after seven years my time was up,” Noah said in the film. “But in the most beautiful way, honestly. I love organizing this program. It was one of my greatest challenges, one of my greatest joys… But after seven years, I feel the time has come. ”

“I realized that there is one more part of my life that I want to explore further,” he added. “I never dreamed that I would be here … I can only thank you very much. You really made it one of the best experiences of my life. “

Trevor Noah is photographed ahead of the 74th Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California, September 12, 2022. Noah announced he would resign as host of The Daily Show on Thursday.
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Noah said his exit would not be “immediate” and gave no indication of when he might leave the program. Comedy Central, the cable network that broadcast Daily program since it began in 1996, he said he was grateful for the “amazing partnership” with Noah in a statement to Diversity.

“With no schedule for his departure, we are working together on the next steps,” the network said. “We’re excited to see the next chapter in The Daily Show’s more than 25-year history as it continues to redefine culture through harsh and fun social commentary, helping viewers understand the world around them.”

Social media responded to the announcement by paying tribute to Noah and speculating on who could replace him as the host of the satirical news show.

Comedians and talk show hosts, including Amber Ruffin and Samantha Bee, who previously acted as Daily show correspondent, were among the most popular choices to replace Noah. Current Daily show many correspondents such as Roy Wood Jr. and Ronny Chieng.

“Trevor Noah is truly one of the best he has ever done this” tweeted activist and writer Anna Gifty. “Jon Stewart chose well and I can’t wait to see the black women’s champion on this desk (crossed fingers behind @ambermruffin)!”

“The most obvious choices for replacing the amazing Noah are @ambermruffin or @iamsambee” – writer Elie Mystal tweeted. “But you just know some suit will have a good relationship with his friend’s uncle’s grandson and try to make Mike Richards the new host.”

“Give it to @iamsambee”, tweeted broadcaster Roberto Abramowitz. “It is the perfect replacement. Good luck @Trevornoah! “

“I can’t believe Trevor Noah has been the host of The Daily Show for 7 years and is now stepping down” – sociologist Nancy Wang Yuen tweeted. “Must be the longest host of BIPOC night talk show in the US? Who will take over? I hope Ronny Chieng! “

“Either @roywoodjr or @ronnychieng would have crushed him as the next Daily Show host.” tweeted user @ mrmike772. “

“She will miss Trevor Noah. Anyway, we fans of daily shows would love to see the king of comedy @prattprattpratt [actor Chris Pratt] as another daytime host ”, @DistractionForU tweeted.

“So who is the next host of the Daily Show?” tweeted film critic Kyle Smith. – Hanna Gadsby?

“Request to Replace Trevor Noah LeVar Burton” @TrivWorks tweeted.

Newsweek contacted Noah’s publicist for comment.

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