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Troubled Virginia Department Police Chief Comes Out After Saying ‘B * tches’ to Female Employees

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019, Regina Stanley, the record manager at the Rocky Mount Police Department in Virginia, began the era of tests, doctor visits, hospitalizations, chemotherapy and surgeries.

But instead of gaining the support of his boss, then-Chief of Police Ken Crane, Stanley alleges in a moral complaint that Crane launched a campaign of frivolous comments about his condition and staying away from work. “The bitch gets a little bit hit on her stool and has to stay out for five weeks,” Craneer was quoted as saying by the Daily Beast.

Kerry Hodges, a record clerk, said in her complaint that during the same period Crane called herself and Stanley “two bitches”, she wanted to get rid of him and replace him with “Hitz” and “I’ll tap it after seeing the attractive women in the office,” he said.

Both complaints were made in May 2020, and this year Craner was one of four filed by 20 members of the department. He alleges that Crane regularly calls women town officials and police department employees “dogs” and “cant” and has created a hostile environment that has left employees on pins and needles.

Craneer was suspended from his post for five weeks while complaints against him were investigated, but according to court documents and people familiar with Craneer’s conduct who spoke to the Daily Beast, his The attitude continued later.

In January, Craneer and his police department made national news when the first two active police officers were arrested on January 6 for entering the capital illegally. They were officers who worked under him. In the Rocky Mount Police Department: Thomas Robertson and Jacob Frecker. Last month, Crane resigned after serving seven years as the town’s chief, although insiders say he may have been forced to do so. A new lawsuit filed last week by one of Craner’s former officers has brought to the fore much of the internal turmoil surrounding his alleged misconduct.

Craneer did not respond to a request for comment.

The people in this police department have this ability that this chief was running.

Joseph Stanley, a local Craner critic who runs three parody websites about the police department, told the Daily Beast that he hopes the case will carry out the necessary investigations in the town of 5,000, which he says He has been trying to solve his problems in the past. Years under a carpet

“Crane didn’t work in space,” Stanley said. “Accountability is something Rocky Mount fights.”

Rocky Mounttown officials did not respond to a request for comment.

In september ABC13. Craneer reportedly retired from the police department after seven years of leadership and nearly 35 years of law enforcement. But Stanley said he agrees. There may be a crane. The city has been “forced” over the past three years due to the attention it has received and its bitter relations with the authorities.

James Aaron, the former town manager who handled the complaints, declined to comment, telling the Daily Beast that it was a “personnel” issue.

However, the claim that Craneer was fired was reinforced by Terry Crimes, a lawyer representing one of Craneer’s former officers in the new lawsuit against him.

Justin Smith, who joined the department in 2017, raised his voice about women and comments about them in 2019 and, according to his lawsuit, informed city officials of his dislike at the time. Smith later helped the department file ethical complaints against the two women’s crane.

When Craneer found out about Smith’s involvement in the complaints, he allegedly stopped his overtime against him and later demoted him when he learned that Smith had told a local reporter about his rudeness. I will provide information.

In June, Virginia State Police filed a search warrant for both Smith and Stanley’s Facebook and Google History. Smith’s lawsuit alleges that the warrants were issued after Craneer and other department officials tried to find the source of a leaked video that Stanley posted on one of his websites.

This month, just days before the lawsuit was filed, Smith also alleged that Craneer drove his motorcycle past Smith’s home and stuck his middle finger in it.

Smith did not respond to a request for comment.

“I think he thinks Justin is a big reason he was forced to resign,” Crimes, the lawyer, told the Daily Best of Crane and his client. “There are a lot of negative things about the chief. Like the iceberg, you only see part of it.

The arrest of two Craner officers during the January 6 Capital uprising is just one example, Crime said. “This is the man who was working there,” he said. “People in this police department have the ability to run this chief.”

Daily Best. Earlier, it was reported that Robertson and Frecker were out of duty when they traveled to DC and took a selfie inside the capital, overturning a statue of John Stark. Selfie was sent to department employees and later deleted. social media.

Former Rocky Mount Police officers Jacob Frecker, left, and Thomas “TJ” Robertson filed a lawsuit against them in federal court on January 6, 2021, inside the US capital.

U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Prior to his January 13 arrest, Robertson defended his actions, saying he was “very proud” and “ready to get into the game.” Daily Best. At the same time as previously reported, Daily Best. At the request of the FBI search warrant, Frecker bragged to a friend on Facebook about urinating in Nancy Pelosi’s toilet. He also appeared to be enjoying the chaos of the day, writing in a message that he was one of the first to enter the building. “Flash bangs are going on, CS gas, rubber bullets are flying. It’s nice to be back in the dirt.”

On January 10, the town of Rocky Mountain released one. Statement Admitting that he was aware of the picture of the two officers who are circulating on social media, he said that both have been put on leave.

On January 26, City announcement “We listen to those who have expressed their anger and frustration over the actions of these people or our reaction to their actions,” the two officers said in a statement.

He added that the riots were “challenging” for the city, but distanced itself from the actions of the officers.

“Two steps have pushed our beautiful city into the national spotlight that does not reflect our entire community and those who call Rocky Mount home.”

Stanley, a thorn in the side of officials like local critics and Craneer, said the arrests of officers and Craneer’s actions show that all three are more than just “bad apples” that Insular Town can ignore.

“You promote what you allow,” Stanley said.


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