Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday said disappointed with the results of Tuesday’s mid-term election after a campaign season in which his influence – and the specter of the Capitol riots of January 6, 2021 – was large over the electorate.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump – who failed to win a majority in two consecutive elections at the top of the voting list – downplayed predictions that Republicans might not regain a majority in Congress while prematurely claiming that his party had won a majority in Congress.

“While yesterday’s election was a bit disappointing in some respects, from my personal point of view it was a very big win – 219 wins and 16 losses overall,” wrote Trump. “Who ever did better than this?”

Former President Donald Trump speaks at Election Night in Mar-a-Lago on November 8, 2022 in Palm Beach, Florida. Trump on Wednesday expressed disappointment at the mid-term election result after a campaign season in which his influence on the electorate was large.
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At the time Trump published the publication, Republicans had closed 204 seats to Congress, though many predicted they would narrowly win the 218 seats needed to achieve a majority, and the votes would still not be counted. But it was still much less than the number many believed the Republicans would win, and many candidates underperformed in races otherwise considered competitive.

Many on the Republican side blamed Trump, whom conservative writer Charles CW Cooke called a “loser” in an article in the National Review.

In races such as New Hampshire (where Republican candidate Don Bolduc, a longtime supporter of the former president, ignored Trump’s endorsement) and Michigan, candidates who bought in bulk Trump’s baseless rhetoric about ‘stealing’ the 2020 election were easily beaten in what some considered. they were potentially competing breeds.

The far-right candidates allied with Trump, whom the National Democrats had reinforced in their primary elections, lost in races deemed to be winnable. In other battlefield states like Pennsylvania, Trump’s recent presence in the state seemed to only hurt candidates like Mehmet Oz, who lost a race to Democrat John Fetterman for a seat that could potentially seal Republican control of the Senate.

“Trump’s Pennsylvania rally ahead of the election and his signaled intent to announce another presidential candidacy later this month could have done more damage than anyone knew.” Conservative columnist Salena Zito wrote on election night after the race, Fetterman was summoned.

According to the exit poll, issues ruled by the People’s Republic of Poland, such as ab*rtion and the public’s perception of threats to democracy, triggered by Trump’s claims about the 2020 elections, proved to be strong motivators for many voters.

Some blamed the Republican National Committee and party leaders for tying their fortunes too much to Trump and ignoring candidates who could bolster the party’s future.

Other prominent conservatives have noted the results of other mainstream republicans, including figures such as Brian Kemp, Mark DeWine, and Lee Zeldin, who outperformed Trump where others fell.

In Florida, Republican governor Ron DeSantis did much better than Trump in many blue corners of the state, demonstrating a mainstream profitability that Trump – the only president to lose twice in the general election – could not.

“This is the way to the future,” said Marc Thiessen, former White House speechwriter for George W. Bush, during an autopsy on Fox News early Wednesday morning. “And the election of those radical candidates who were far behind put the Republican Party in a dire situation. And the voters are gone. They accused the Republican Party. “

“We need a Republican overhaul,” wrote Caleb Hull, a Republican agent who campaigned for Trump in 2016, on Twitter. “Trump pushed a bunch of candidates who are RECOGNIZED and everyone knows it, but we have no choice but to move on. and he missed the point. DeSantis is the new party boss, not a 76-year-old man.

Trump held on to his gun. Before the election, he told NewsNation: “Well, I think if they win, I should get all the credit. If they fail, I shouldn’t be blamed at all. “

Shortly after losing Bolduc, Trump went to Truth Social to weigh in in the race in New Hampshire. In Trump’s opinion, Bolduc did not lose because he supported Trump – he lost because he did not back him strongly enough.

“Don Bolduc was a very nice guy, but lost today when, after a huge victory in the primary, he relinquished his long-standing stance on electoral fraud at the 2020 presidential elementary school.” Trump wrote. “If he had remained strong and faithful, he would have won easily. Lessons learned !!!”

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