Trump-backing Republicans mocked Liz Cheney over the weekend for pledging to campaign for Democrats to prevent the election of Republicans who denied the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, was one of 10 Republicans in the House of Representatives who accused former President Donald Trump and became one of his most vocal critics in the Republican party. She is also one of two Republicans to sit on a Chamber of Inquiry committee investigating on January 6, 2021, when a crowd of Trump supporters, motivated by his repeated claims of widespread electoral fraud, started riots on the US Capitol to force Congress to block the election of President Joe Biden. College victory.

Her tough stance on “election deniers” has made her disagree with many of her party, which continues to support Trump despite a growing list of investigations. In August, the Republican legislature lost its first party to Harriet Hageman, who received the support of the former president.

Speaking Saturday at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas, Cheney said she would do everything in her power to ensure that Kari Lake, Trump’s candidate in the Arizona governorate race who backed his claims of electoral fraud, lost her election on State Democrat Secretary Katie Hobbs in November. The race is seen as one of the most competitive and one of the most significant in the medium term.

Above, GOP representative Liz Cheney is speaking in Washington on September 19. Cheney said Saturday she would be campaigning for Democrats to prevent the election of Republicans who contradict the results of the 2022 presidential election.
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“I’ll do everything in my power to make sure Kari Lake is not elected,” said Cheney.

Evan Smith, chief executive of the Texas Tribune, then asked the legislature if this meant that she, who had previously been seen as a conservative member of Congress, would be campaigning for Democrats. Cheney replied with a simple yes.

Cheney’s approval of the Democrat campaign sparked criticism from other conservatives, including Lake, who said Cheney “should probably change voter registration” during a Fox News address on Sunday morning.

“This may be the greatest, best gift I have ever received. I mean, the people of Wyoming can’t stand it. I’m pretty sure the people of Arizona don’t like Liz Cheney, ”said Lake.

Other Trump supporters have also criticized Cheney. Christian Ziegler, vice president of the Florida GOP, said Cheney’s campaign against members of her own party was “a Republican dream.”

“This clip should get a lot of our voters to vote and raise some solid money,” he wrote on Twitter.

Representative Matt Gaetz, who represents Florida’s 1st Congress District, including Pensacola, tweeted: “Liz Cheney is crushed in her Wyoming” home “by over 40 points … But now we are to believe she has the strength to face @KariLake? “

Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser, wrote in a Gettra post: “It almost certainly guarantees an explosion at Lake Kari – Katie Hobbs should file an immediate protest.”

Others praise Cheney for the Bucking Party

Others, however, praised Cheney for her willingness to beat her party to do what she believed was right.

“I disagree with Liz Cheney on a lot of points, but I really admire the stance she has taken against MAGA such as Trump and Kari Lake, that’s exactly what you do country before party,” the popular @mmpadellan account tweeted.

“Welcome to @Liz_Cheney,” former Illinois Republican Joe Walsh tweeted. “Help us ex-R to defend democracy by defeating not only Kari Lake but also JD Vance, Doug Mastriano, Ron Johnson, Herschel Walker, Blake Masters, Ron DeSantis, etc. Right now, Liz, the whole party is a threat. EVERYTHING must be overcome. “

Newsweek contacted Cheney’s office for comment.

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