Former President Donald Trump is racing to the finish line to back Republican candidates in key races ahead of the mid-term election this week. During a rare afternoon stop, he gathered in front of the densely populated Latino crowd that began in the sun and ended in a typical Florida downpour. A rain that did not wash away my enthusiasm.

“This is the best rally we have ever had,” screamed Trump from the stage as the rain fell sideways at the Miami party to support Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Ron DeSantis and many republic candidates, hoping to greet the former president. Mary works.

Trump hit all his usual rally talking points, such as: the 2020 elections, which he says were still fiction; border wall; Russo-Ukrainian war; gas prices; inflation; the price of turkeys for Thanksgiving; Nancy Pelosi; Joe Biden; Hillary Clinton; COVID; China; illegal immigration; accusations; and most of all the Democrats who he said were “radicals” and hard-left “socialists” who strive for weapons, rights to freedom of speech, power and votes.

“Democrats want to turn America into communist Cuba or socialist Venezuela,” Trump said about 25 minutes in his speech. “In the Republican Party. We are determined that America will never be a socialist country, and America. Sure as hell, we can’t let this become a communist country. “

Former US President Donald Trump takes the stage at a rally for Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) at the Miami-Dade Country Fair and Exhibition, November 6, 2022 in Miami, Florida. Rubio will face US international Val Demings (D-FL) in his run for re-election in Tuesday’s general election.
Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Trump said America “needs to understand the time to stand up to this rising leftist tyranny” and that Republican voters should “stand up now” to defend rights and freedoms.

“You need to start with a humiliating rebuke to the radical leftist geeks who run in this election,” Trump said. “You better believe that you have to crush the communists in the ballot box this Tuesday. I’m not saying a socialist. millions, millions and millions ”.

Trump was on a barn storm tour this year, looking for applicants in states from Florida to Alaska. He was in Pennsylvania on Saturday night, and he would be back in Ohio for the last hurray on Monday night.

While in Florida, he was greeted by people holding “Latinos for Trump” signs, and even by a woman in a T-shirt with “Cuban 4 Trump” written behind him.

“You have no idea how many Latin Americans have roots in nations that have been destroyed, completely destroyed by these vile ideologies,” said Trump. “And they don’t want it to happen here. And it can happen. When I was campaigning initially in 2016 and in 2020 when we were doing much better than in 2016. But these are the small details. I talk about it and I keep saying Latinos, you know, when I talked about the border you know, the biggest fans of it will be Latinos, Latinos, they knew about the border more than anyone else. Everyone said he was going to get hurt by the Latinos.

Mid-term elections to the Senate and the House of Representatives will take place on Tuesday. In some states, early voting is over, while others continue until Monday afternoon.

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