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Trump seeks to appoint Ivanka as World Bank chief: report

Former Secretary of the Treasury Steven Manuchehr was forced to intervene at the suggestion of Donald Trump, according to a report by Ryan Graham and Max Uberg of Intercept. Appointed his daughter Ivanka as head of the World Bank..

The report notes that when it opened in January 2019, Trump saw it as an opportunity to promote his fashion designer daughter.

“As the White House moves to elect its new leader, Trump’s heart continues to revolve around a cute name: his daughter Ivanka Trump,” he told reporters as he advised his father in the White House. “Yes.

As Intercept is now reporting, “… two sources, who are not authorized to speak publicly, tell The Intercept that the Ivanka-led talk went far beyond the realm of Beltway chirping: Trump Ivanka “It simply came to our notice then.

According to Graeme and Ofberg, “Manuchan often placed himself in the middle of the presidency, which the Treasury Secretary saw as largely hostile. His time as a Hollywood producer – making him a representative of the set that Approval was what Trump liked – it gave others influence over the lack of administration. ”

The report goes on to say that taking note of the fact that Ivanka had a hand in selecting the person who took the place, former Under-Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs David Mall Pass.

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