Older source similar to the former President Donald Trump told CBS News that the former president is privately enraged by the mid-term election results, despite his social media posts touting them as winning and a “great evening”.

According to a source, the former president “blames everyone but himself” for the results, including his advisers and Fox News host Sean Hannity. The person said Tuesday night better than expected results for Democrats, it was largely because the elections became a “referendum” on Trump, his candidates and his continued focus on re-resolving the 2020 elections.

From Wednesday CBS News estimated the Senate to be a meatball, with four competitions still to be decided. Two of these competitions have been unsuccessful and one of them, Georgia, will go to the second round in December. Meanwhile, the race in Arizona is based on the Democrats. Alaska has applied ranked voting and the results may take a while, although the two leading candidates are Republicans.

CBS News characterizes the House as stubborn Republican. According to forecasts for Wednesday evening, the Republicans won at least 210 seats and the Democrats won at least 200 seats. At least 218 seats are required for the inspection. So if the GOP gets the majority, it will be slim.

Trump said that it will make a “very big announcement” in Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday, suggesting a possible presidential round in 2024. But three sources who were with him at Mar-a-Lago told CBS News there was an internal debate ahead of December 6 as to whether Trump should announce anything, whether it was a research committee or a full-fledged White House announcement, a runoff in Georgia.

“I advise the president to hold off his race in Georgia after Herschel Walker,” Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller once said Wednesday Newsmax. ‚ÄúPriorities A, B, and C must now be Herschel. It is bigger than anything else in the country.

The former White House adviser in Trump orbit said he “should wait until the end of the semesters, which will not happen before the second round in Georgia.”

If he announces an offer for 2024 in advance, a previously mentioned source close to Trump said, “I don’t see the way forward.” If Trump announces an election ahead of Georgia’s second round elections, these elections could become a referendum on Trump – similar to Georgia’s second round in 2020, when Republicans lost both seats.

A major source close to Trump, who told CBS News about the ex-president’s anger, said the issue of candidate quality was a real factor in this week’s election. Trump has based his mid-term strategy not on political strategy but on a political shift. The adviser said Trump has selected several candidates “who don’t know what they’re doing.”

A source frustrated by Trump’s political mistakes compared the enthusiasm of the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis victorious rally, in the presence of several thousand people, a 19-point victory at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago event, 100 of his friends and political consultants, and his high-profile losses. It’s clear who American voters want, they said.

“It’s a sinking ship,” said a source of lack of enthusiasm for Trump’s upcoming 2024 campaign.

CBS News also spoke with Republican party officials who directly blamed the “candidate quality issue” – Trump – for their losses on Tuesday night.

Trump posted on Wednesday on his social media platform Truth Social that while the election result may be considered “somewhat disappointing” for some, “from my personal point of view it was a very big win.”

– Kathryn Watson contributed to this report

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